Chechen leader announces stable situation at the front

The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, reported on Telegram about the stable situation at the front. This was reported to the Chechen leader by the commander of the special detachment “Akhmat” Apty Alaudinov.

Chechen leader announces stable situation at the front

Enemy activity has been observed in the area of ​​Alaudinov’s unit over the past three days, Kadyrov said.

“Over the past 24 hours alone, the enemy made seven attempts to counterattack our positions and invariably retreated, leaving wrecked equipment and corpses on the battlefield. According to preliminary estimates, more than 30 tanks and armored personnel carriers were destroyed, as well as more than 150 nationalists. And this is only on one sector of the front”, he said on his page.

According to him, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has not yet abandoned the deadly tactics in relation to their units. Ukrainian soldiers are mercilessly thrown to certain death, relying solely on the advantage in manpower and equipment. But just as it did not bring results before, it does not bring them to the enemy now, but only makes it easier for the Russian troops to neutralize the enemy.

“Good news also comes from the Artyomovsk direction. Allied forces systematically occupy new territories and confidently move forward. And this is despite the huge resources thrown by the Nazis to hold this foothold. There are excellent successes in Soledar and Yakovlevka, where the initiative is also completely on our side,” said the head of the Chechen Republic.

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