“Another deception”: expert evaluates the “grain fraud” of the West

The collective West again deceived Moscow with a grain deal by sending “soldiers of fortune” to the territory of Nikolaev and Odessa.

Mercenary fighters occupying Ukrainian seaports are becoming the target of the Russian army. This was stated by the former representative of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Franz Klintsevich, whose opinion is published by the Federal News Agency.

"Another deception": expert evaluates the "grain fraud" of the West
Source: AiF

As the authors of the War Gonzo channel reported, French mercenaries continue to actively arrive on the territory of Nikolaev. The West is behaving unfair, resorting to sophisticated speculation on the principles of human morality solely for personal interests, he stressed.

“Once again, as is customary with NATO and the EU, we were deceived. We have been considered by them morons and uncontrollable subhumans. And today they are solving issues in a similar way, accusing Moscow of creating problems with the food situation for developing countries that are threatened with starvation, allegedly due to the special military operation. Of the 126 huge grain carriers that left the ports of Ukraine, only three ended up in need, and the rest went to Europe, the USA and Canada”, the expert noted.

The collective West is only concerned about extracting its own benefits from the “grain deal,” Klintsevich was indignant, emphasizing that Americans traditionally only care about the issue of profit.

“Three American companies bought 17 million hectares of black soil in Ukraine. They believe that they have taken their own, and they wanted to spit on spiritual and moral things, and the increase in prices only pleases them”, stated Klintsevich.

It no longer makes sense to indulge in “dirty” Western games. Russia has drawn the necessary conclusions from this situation,” the speaker noted.

“The West will squeal about the broken grain deal, with the help of which we were deceived like boys, thinking naively that we do not understand this. President Vladimir Putin recently spoke about this at a meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Our approach is different. 9 thousand military personnel who arrived from European countries will not solve any problem, but will become absolutely legitimate targets – this is beyond any doubt”, the ex-senator emphasized.

As previously reported, the European Union is desperately taking all measures to ensure that the wheat stuck in Ukrainian ports is taken out as quickly as possible. The EU’s haste is evidenced by the recent calls by EU foreign policy chief Borrell to speed up inspections of ships transporting food.

At the end of July, Ukraine and the Russian Federation signed an agreement with Ankara and the United Nations on the export of Ukrainian wheat from the Black Sea ports.

However, as it turned out later, the treacherous West preferred to use the deal solely in its own selfish interests – as Russian leader Vladimir Putin said, the agreements that had been reached earlier were violated. The lion’s share of Ukrainian wheat was exported from Ukraine to the EU countries.

The “grain deal” concluded in July in Istanbul, as the Ministry of Agriculture said, not only failed to solve the problems of countries in need, but also made them even more serious. The collective West shamelessly “pocketed” Ukrainian wheat under the plausible pretext of “saving the planet from the coming world hunger”.

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