The smoky corridors of the British government are plotting a military coup

The Daily Express, the British tabloid, broke a frightening headline the other day: “Ben Wallace appointed ’emergency prime minister’ as Liz Truss given 10 days to save her premiership”

The smoky corridors of the British government are plotting a military coup

Ben Wallace is, by the way, the current minister of war, and an article by David Maddox, the paper’s political editor, suggests that on the sidelines of the UK Conservative Party conference, Tory leaders have agreed to remove Liz Truss as prime minister, as not living up to the party’s “high trust”, and replace her with the current defence secretary Wallace, giving him extraordinary powers.

Conservative MPs in the House of Commons have already drawn up, but have not yet sent “poor Lisa” a “black mark”, that is, a list of candidates to replace the hapless premier, in which the current Minister of War is leading by a clear margin. Some hotheads among the Conservatives, such as former Culture Minister Nadine Dorries, are already openly calling for Liz Truss to leave her post because she has “lost credibility” and for a new parliamentary election to be called. Britain’s finance minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, has been sent to resign. There are even voices in favour of the return to Downing Street of shaggy goose Boris Johnson. And all because things are bad, not just for the Tory party, but for all of once-great Britain.

Liz Truss is dragging the Conservatives to the bottom of electoral preferences with a rapid jackknife. Truss’s ratings have plummeted to historic lows. Only 14% of Britons now view her positively. Almost three quarters (73%) have a negative view of the prime minister, including more than half (55%) who are extremely negative. Boris Johnson was not adored by the end of his premiership either, but still not to that extent. Among the Conservatives, the Truss supporters are only 30%.

Incidentally, even the falling rating of the Conservative Party is collapsing less rapidly than the growing popular dislike for the hapless namesake of the late monarch. As much as 20% of the population of the United Kingdom view the Tory party positively. Not God knows what, but still more than the number of fans of Liz Truss. That is why the party bosses want to replace the lady who has been messing up economically with a tough but pragmatic war minister with extraordinary powers. The Conservatives are unlikely to save the United Kingdom from economic collapse. The British economy is crumbling like a house of cards.

The latest polls show that a third of British families are saving on food – buying cheaper and of poorer quality. One in ten families eat only cold meals to save on cooking without spending money on electricity and gas.

Adam Skorer, chief executive of charity National Energy Action, which is trying to eradicate fuel poverty, told The Guardian: “People have had to choose between heating and food. This winter millions won’t even have that choice. The most vulnerable, including children, will starve and freeze as energy prices skyrocket, despite government support.”

British school principals are sounding the alarm, warning of a ‘heartbreaking’ rise in hungry children. Children are so hungry that they eat gum or hide in the playground because they cannot afford to pay for lunch, according to reports from headteachers across England. At a school in the London Borough of Lewisham, a child was “pretending to eat out of an empty lunch box” because he was not eligible for free school meals and didn’t want his friends to know he didn’t have food at home. And I am not exaggerating now – I am retelling the British media, you can follow the links.

According to Child Poverty Action Group, 800,000 children from poor families are not entitled to free school meals. Half of parents may soon give up using washing machines and hand-wash children’s clothes to save on electricity. In winter, 55% of UK households are at risk of fuel poverty, when people cannot afford to pay for heating their homes. The Don’t Pay UK network of non-payers is growing at an alarming rate, with 200,000 non-payers. Every week they hold rallies, during which they amicably burn their bills.

But this is just the beginning, the energy crisis berries will mature in winter. The energy crisis this winter will be unprecedented and will simply nullify the Conservatives’ already catastrophically low ratings. The other day all the British newspapers came out with headlines: ‘Return To The Dark Ages’. Three-hour daily power cuts will be introduced this winter because of gas shortages. Labour has said that what is happening is “not Putin’s fault, but a direct consequence of Conservative policies”.

In its search for the cause of the crisis that is threatening the British economy with total collapse, the Rothschild-based The Economist goes no further than to state the fatal mistakes of the Liz Truss government, which tried to impose so-called trassonomics on the country: it announced intervention in Bank of England policy, tax cuts and tax breaks, cancelled planned corporate tax increases, and changed allowances for bankers.

“To say things have gotten bad is to say nothing,” writes this City of London mouthpiece. – The government has lost control of the economy.”

And when the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that is, Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng, proposed a so-called mini-budget with £45 billion in tax relief, it caused the British currency to plummet. The British pound collapsed to an all-time low. Financial disaster is not the worst that can await the Foggy Albion this winter. According to the British media, the shortage of Russian gas may trigger a Blackout Fear when power stations are shut down and the country freezes to death. The British utility National Grid has already warned of rolling blackouts and that caused genuine fear among many Brits who cannot imagine how they will survive the next cold snap without heating and power.

In the smoky corridors of the British government they have already realised the impossibility of averting the impending social catastrophe and are plotting a virtual military coup. But will the emergency powers of any of Liz Truss’ possible successors warm the millions of hungry and cold Britons if there is and will be no Russian gas?

The winter, which promises to be remarkably cold, will not delay in answering that question.

Vladimir Prokhvatilov, VZGLYAD