Western Europe continues to pump weapons to Ukraine

Thus, Germany supplied Ukraine with engineering equipment, namely 16 Biber tank bridge layers and ten pontoon bridge vehicles.

Western Europe continues to pump weapons to Ukraine
Source: 1tv.ru

France is preparing for the transfer of Crotale short-range air defense systems along with GM200 radar systems. Also, the French in the coming days will hand over to the Kyiv formations three units of the LRU MLRS – the European version of the American M270 MLRS.

It is known from open sources that the LRU MLRS ammunition consists only of M31 corrected projectiles of different versions. Depending on the modification, they have a flight range of at least 80-85 km. The satellite navigation and control system gives high hit accuracy. All variants of the M31 carry a unified high-explosive fragmentation warhead weighing 91 kg.

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