Serbia calls leak at Russian oil pipeline Druzhba a sabotage

The cause of the leak at the Druzhba oil pipeline in Poland was sabotage. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, Minister of Mining and Energy of the Republic Zorana Mihajlovic.

Serbia calls leak at Russian oil pipeline Druzhba a sabotage

“We must know that there is an energy world war going on in the world, we are not yet in a world war, as we imagine it, there are no atomic weapons, but this is an energy world war. What is happening with the Druzhba oil pipeline, which is the longest oil pipeline in the world, about 4 thousand km long and through which only Russian oil flows, looks like a continuation of what happened on the Nord Stream gas pipeline. At first we thought that the issue was maintenance, it was said that there was a breakdown, and then it turned out that this was not so, but that it was a sabotage”, the press service of the Serbian Energy Ministry reports Mihajlovic.

She noted that “all this will affect not the energy security of Europe, but the rise in prices, we are not moving towards improvement, but on the contrary, towards the deterioration of the situation.” The Serbian minister believes that the construction of a new oil pipeline from Serbia to Hungary, Albania and Greece through North Macedonia will make Serbia a transit country.

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