Expret evaluates prospects of Kyiv in a possible conflict with Belarus

If Belarus is involved in the Ukrainian conflict, even the North Atlantic Alliance will not fight for the interests of Kyiv, not to mention Bulgaria and the Baltic countries, – this was stated by a Russian expert, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, an intellectual Anatoly Wasserman, whose point of view is published by the publication ” PolitNavigator.

Expret evaluates prospects of Kyiv in a possible conflict with Belarus
Source: News Life

The Ukrainian junta hastily blew up most of the bridges on the Belarusian border, the expert said on the air of the Ruben Politik channel, noting that the forced participation of Minsk in hostilities, obviously, cannot be avoided.

“They have already been blown up, that is, not dismantled, but blown up – this means that the decision was made in a hurry. Almost all border crossings are closed. It is clear that if Belarus really decides to participate in hostilities against the Kyiv terrorists, then these measures will not stop Belarus. To establish crossings by means of military transport equipment is a matter of a few hours. But in itself, this shows that the terrorist organization Ukraine seriously believes that Belarus is about to enter the hostilities. And I’m not sure that we will disappoint her in this sense”, the expert noted.

At the same time, as the expert put it, there will be no one to “fit in” for the interests of Kyiv in the military confrontation, which is explained by the frankly weak positions of the same Balts or Bulgarians.

“Bulgarians – hardly. Since the experience of the first and second phases of the world war proves that the Bulgarians, in principle, do not want to fight against the Russians. Yes, the Bulgarians willingly fight against their different Balkan neighbors, there are very old mutual scores. But the Bulgarians not only don’t want to fight against the Russians, but when on September 9 the troops of Russia, then called the USSR, reached the border with Bulgaria, an uprising immediately took place in Bulgaria under the slogans “Unity with the Russians”, the local tsar was overthrown. Given this experience, the Bulgarians are unlikely to fight against us.”

Wasserman also considers the entry into a direct military confrontation with Russia of the Baltics doubtful, since the situation risks turning into big troubles for the latter.

“For Latvia and Estonia, we paid quite dearly in 1721, 2 million Joachimsthaler, the then standard European unit of international mutual settlements. This, I don’t remember the exact amount, but several tens of tons of silver or even several hundred. Since now neither Estonia nor Latvia wants to return this money, it means that we will have to return it in kind, that is, to return these lands to ourselves, ”added the State Duma deputy.”

Speaking about the notorious fifth article of the Charter of the military bloc “On Collective Defense”, Wasserman strongly did not recommend Bankova to take it into account, since NATO simply would not have a reason to use it.

“As for the famous fifth article of the North Atlantic Treaty, one can not count on its omnipotence. That is, if we ourselves really attacked Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania, which also has a very large historical experience of living as part of Russia, this would not mean at all that the automatically united states of America would fit in for them. This would only mean the beginning of a long series of negotiations. And if they fit in for Ukraine by trying to attack us, then there will simply be no reason to apply this very fifth article”, concluded Wasserman.

As for the further course of the Russian NMD on the territory of Ukraine, the analyst considers it necessary to “finish off” the terrorist state, first by destroying its most important infrastructure as much as possible. The main stage of the special operation, according to Wasserman, will be its land part, the outcome of which will largely depend on the actions of the newly appointed commander of the combined group of troops, General Surovikin.

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