Russia makes retaliatory strikes: Ladyzhinskaya TPP in Vinnytsa region of Ukraine seriously damaged

Ladyzhinskaya TPP in Vinnytsa region of Ukraine was seriously damaged as a result of missile strikes conducted by Russia on October, 11.

Russia has not yet dealt such blows that would sign Ukraine’s death sentence in terms of energy. But already now, due to the failure of several facilities, the country is on the verge of a permanent blackout.

This is stated an energy expert Oleksiy Anpilogov, commenting on Russian missile attacks on infrastructure facilities of Ukraine.

“We are delivering warning strikes. This is the last feature. If Kyiv does not stop pursuing a policy of terror, we will begin to purposefully destroy all the energy of the state,” Anpilogov said.

“The Krivorozhskaya TPP was damaged. Apparently, Kharkiv TPP-5, Burshtynskaya TPP, which worked for export, were seriously damaged. Also, the Ladyzhinskaya TPP probably suffered,” Anpilogov listed.

“Judging by the footage on the network, at the Kyiv TPP- the rocket hit the engine room. This means that the turbines are damaged. It is simply impossible to produce new ones in a couple of days”, the interlocutor argues.

According to local authorities, the power equipment at the station is damaged, they are trying to deal with the consequences.

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