The New York Times evaluates US oil sentiment

The decision to reduce oil production quotas forces the aged US leader Biden to immediately decide on further tactics. There are only two options: to tearfully persuade the Saudis further, or to resort to retaliatory measures, experts of the American The New York Times write about this. The data is given by the publication “”.

The New York Times evaluates US oil sentiment
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The OPEC + alliance agreement to cut oil production “hit” Biden at the most inopportune moment for that moment: on the eve of the critical midterm vote for the Democrats in Congress, experts say. The White House regarded such a move as nothing more than a “stab in the back.”

“The president himself made “deliberately soft comments”, saying that he was “disappointed” with the decision of the alliance, however, his Democratic party members are unhappy with his “excessive deference” to the Saudis and press Biden with increased energy, demanding to “punish” Riyadh in particular, to begin the withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East kingdom.”

Considering that a significant part of Western propaganda in recent weeks has been based on a sliding gasoline price tag, the Democrats could not even imagine such a painful political blow.

The “real” crisis could hit in December, when US-initiated price caps on Russian oil come into effect, as does the EU’s ban on its purchases, the newspaper reports.

The members of the alliance made the decision to cut oil production on 5 October. Despite the deepest European energy crisis and the rapid rise in the cost of energy resources in the international arena, such a step aroused unanimous approval from all members of the Organization without exception.

Recall that Biden’s sensational summer tour to Riyadh, designed to increase the pre-election ratings of the Democrats, did not bring the expected effect – instead of the expected victory, the American president brought back a crushing defeat. The desperate attempts of the American leader to persuade Saudi Arabia to increase oil production in order to reduce the cost of energy resources were not successful – the inhabitants of the States even indignantly declared that begging for oil in this way was simply “humiliating” for the country, Russian expert Mikhail Khazin even stated that the Saudis in fact, they “knocked Biden down the stairs.”

In the meantime, experts are increasingly louder predicting an imminent Civil War for the United States. The endless “dirty” provocations of Democrats seeking to score political points are extremely dangerous and risk turning into an unprecedented confrontation that will flare up throughout the country, they warn.

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