French refinery strike leads to fuel shortages

In France, fuel supply problems continue to grow. The reason is the strike at several refineries and fuel depots, which lasted just under two weeks and was again extended on Sunday by the CGT trade union, JungeWelt writes.

French refinery strike leads to fuel shortages
According to the publication, about 20 percent of the country’s gas stations are faced with a shortage of gasoline and diesel fuel. The reason was a strike at several refineries and fuel depots. The production capacities of energy giants Total Energies and Exxon Mobil are affected.

“The default has been extended everywhere,” said CGT trade unionist Eric Sellini on Sunday October 9, “because group management did not respond to an open letter” that was sent to Total Energies CEO Patrick Pouyanne on Saturday evening. In a letter, the CGT expressed its readiness for dialogue “starting from Monday on the basis of our demand for wages.” Due to the rising cost of living, the union is demanding at least a 10% wage increase for its employees. January’s “reassessment” was insufficient given the “real rate of inflation,” the union said in a letter.

“We are still waiting for the group’s management to come down from their pedestal and talk to local workers,” Sellini said in response to the lack of a response from the French energy concern.

The strike was “the result of a process that did not find satisfaction in the company,” Sellini explained. Many meetings were held with the leadership of the group, and already in June the first blows were dealt.

“As top management remains deaf, all that remains for the workers is a long strike to be heard,” the publication says.
According to the CGT, about 70 percent of workers are on strike.