Explosion on the Crimean bridge. What is known

Explosion on the Crimean bridge. What is known:

– Residents of Kerch heard a strong explosion around 06:00;

– according to the NAC, a truck exploded at the crossing, the video from the cameras also shows the detonation of the truck;

– “Ukrainian vandals” were involved in the emergency, said Vladimir Konstantinov, head of the Crimean parliament. He added that the damage to the bridge was “not severe” and would be promptly repaired;


– according to eyewitnesses, three spans of the automobile part of the bridge were damaged. At the same time, one automobile thread from Kerch to Taman is intact, said the head of the Crimea, Aksyonov;

– after the explosion, a fire started – railway tanks caught fire, operational services are working on the spot;

– a criminal case has been initiated on the fact of the incident;

– traffic between the peninsula and the mainland is stopped, points with water and toilets are organized for drivers;

– the ferry crossing in the Crimea will start working today, Aksyonov said;

– the fire on the bridge has been extinguished, an examination will be carried out as soon as possible and the exact causes of the emergency will become known.

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