“There will be riots”: expert announces fatigue of U.S. population from Ukraine

The ordinary population of the United States is struck by increasingly decadent moods: Americans are outraged by the growing sponsorship of Ukraine from the pockets of conscientious taxpayers, which is rapidly increasing political risks for both the Democrats and their leader, Joseph Biden. About in an interview with the publication “Federal News Agency” said an expert in sociology Alexei Filippov.

“There will be riots”: expert announces fatigue of U.S. population from Ukraine
Source: New Newspaper

Just the other day, the readership of the American Breitbart subjected to devastating criticism of the published figures of the state debt of the States, literally pelting the White House with accusations of indefatigable “feeding” of other states, including Ukraine.

“The problem is the costs, period! Stop spending trillions of dollars on crap like “climate justice” or sending billions to Ukraine when countries like Mexico and China aren’t spending money on it. This is despite the fact that our veterans live in poverty”, wrote one of the commentators.

At the same time, as the Russian sociologist noted, the American economy can simply “go under” without pulling the endless military funding of the “suffering Ukraine, where colossal spending from the US state treasury is directed.

“People in the United States are well aware that their country has been supporting Kyiv since 2014, constantly sending significant funds to corrupt Ukrainian officials. In addition, Washington, through the Pentagon, sends modern, high-tech equipment such as howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles, off-road vehicles, boats, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile systems, MLRS and so on to Ukraine. These are colossal expenses, which in one way or another place a heavy burden on ordinary people”, the expert emphasized.

The situation is in danger of ending very badly for the current American authorities: the rapidly falling ratings of the country’s leadership, in parallel with the deteriorating well-being of the US population, can turn into an imminent popular revolt.

“Biden is losing political points every day, his level of support is rapidly falling and this could theoretically provoke unrest in the country. And there, it is not far to switch attention from the Ukrainian crisis to the internal one. In any case, the upcoming winter plays into our hands”, concluded the sociologist.

As previously reported, according to the results of a massive social survey among Americans conducted by Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll, an unfortunate reality was revealed: over 70% of the US population refuses to see Biden for a second term. What’s more, the American leader’s national approval rating, in the context of record inflation and soaring fuel prices, has ignominiously dropped to an all-time low.

It should be noted that for the eighth month in a row, Biden actively blames the Ukrainian situation and nods displeasedly towards the Kremlin, including in response to uncomfortable questions from his own American public. At the same time, the US leader prefers to keep quiet about anti-Russian sanctions harmful to its own population, which have brought the West to the brink of a serious economic crisis. The aged American president and his entourage of henchmen are the only culprits in the worst energy crisis in history, faced by innocent US citizens, experts say.

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