The Federalist: Ukraine’s membership in NATO will be a disaster for the US

The admission of Ukraine to NATO would be disastrous for the United States, writes Dan Caldwell, a veteran of the Iraq War and vice president of the Stand Together Foundation’s foreign policy group, in an article for the American edition of The Federalist.

The Federalist: Ukraine's membership in NATO will be a disaster for the US
It is foolish to spend tens of billions on NATO expansion at the expense of Ukraine or other European countries at a time of record inflation, $30 trillion in public debt and a growing threat from China in Asia.

Caldwell writes that Ukraine’s membership in NATO will cost the Americans dearly. The initial cost alone would be up to $27 billion, and the annual cost to American taxpayers would be up to $11 billion. The United States would also have to permanently deploy thousands of troops in Europe, and its armed forces are already overstretched and understaffed.

However, the expert concludes, “blind loyalty to the alliance often takes precedence over common sense.”

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