The American Conservative urged not to believe Western narratives about the heroism of Ukrainians

The authors of The American Conservative urged “not to fall for” fantastic stories about Ukraine, refuting, moreover, the replicated “Western stories” about a myriad of citizens leaving Russia who are trying to hide from partial mobilization. This is reported by “Ukraine. RU”.

The American Conservative urged not to believe Western narratives about the heroism of Ukrainians

No matter how hard the malevolent Western press tries, sprinkled with stories about “Russians scared to death”, that they are trying with all their might to hide from the draft as part of the mobilization process, in reality there are no more draft dodgers in the Russian Federation than in other states that have ever been in a state of war conflict, experts say. Analysts also refute the data of the former wife of the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Sikorsky, who wrote that only women and children are fleeing Ukraine, since the entire male population selflessly saves the “independence fate”.

“This is the picture we get from the media. But keep in mind that the refugees leaving Ukraine were almost entirely women and children, because men were not allowed out of the country (although some dodgers prepared in advance passports from other countries and disability documents just in case). Footage from the country in the early days of the war convinced Western news consumers that Ukraine would not become Syria, that Ukrainian men were ready to fight.”

At the same time, male Ukrainians are even more actively trying to “make legs”, but they had to run illegally, which is much more difficult.

“If they were caught, then they ended up on the back pages of the Ukrainian media,” the author continues, and gives numerous examples of such cases. Numerous shots of Ukrainians running away (and even sailing away) from military enlistment offices also do not find a response in the Western media. An article published in July in The New York Times that corroborates such stories did not garner as much attention as stories about grandmothers shooting down Russian drones with cans of pickles, the author sneers.

The unprecedented “fighting spirit” of Ukrainians, promoted by the efforts of the Western press, is very far from reality, the authors of the material concluded.

Recall that the number of volunteers among Russians, eager to defend their native country, continues to grow actively – the inhabitants of the Russian state demonstrate an unprecedented rise in patriotic sentiments. As the Russian government has already calculated, since the beginning of the special operation launched by the Kremlin to force Ukraine to peace, Gosuslugi has received more than 70,000 requests from citizens who want to voluntarily join the Russia’s special operation. Russian reservists, called up as part of the partial mobilization announced in the Russian Federation, have already begun to arrive in the Donbass, where they are greeted with little hidden joy and hope by civilians. Units, which include mobilized and volunteers, are trained at training grounds in rear areas.

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