First detachments of mobilised Russian citizens arrive in LPR and begin training at training ranges

At the country’s firing ranges, the troops, who were among the first to be mobilised in Russia, undergo combat training, learn new equipment and engage in firing drills.


The servicemen undergo combat training, practice firing exercises, master new equipment and learn the specifics of combat operations in modern conditions.

The mobilized soldiers are trained by experienced officers who have been involved in combat operations since the early days of the special military operation in Ukraine and Donbas.

In particular, operational training for tank crews, anti-aircraft gunners and riflemen is provided at the Republic’s training ranges.

One of those mobilised, Vyacheslav, said that he had not picked up a weapon for more than 20 years and in recent years had been a regular shop assistant. However, when mobilisation started, he volunteered at the military registration and enlistment office.

“There are four grandchildren at home. It’s OK, because no one but us, as the paratroopers say. I used to drive a 72, now I will drive an 80. It is a totally different machine but it is not hard to master,” said the serviceman.

Another soldier, Igor, call sign “Bur”, noted that he also didn’t wait for a subpoena and volunteered to serve, following his brother’s example.

“Thirty-five years ago I served in the Far East as an air gunner-radioman, flying a TU-16. Now I am an anti-aircraft gunner. We all served, so it’s not hard to retrain,” he said.

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