Surviving Nord Stream 2 string thwarts Biden’s cunning plan – Baijiahao

The ambitious Biden has gravely “miscalculated” his gas hopes, as Moscow has a “plan B” for NordStream 2, observers say, according to China’s Baijiahao. The information is published by the PolitRussia

Surviving Nord Stream 2 string thwarts Biden's cunning plan - Baijiahao

The experts recall a statement by Secretary of State Blinken who arrogantly stated that the United States could easily find a replacement for the Russian blue fuel that is routed from the EU: the forced outage of the NordStream gas pipeline becomes an excellent excuse to get rid of energy resources from Russia,” the newspaper wrote.

“The US secretary of state has exposed the US intention to make money on LNG exports to Europe,” the Chinese publication’s authors stated.

At the same time, the authors note, the elderly American leader publicly threatened to destroy the gas pipeline in February, and the analysts paid special attention to the unbridled joy of the Polish Foreign Ministry, whose head Sikorski was bursting with gratitude to the US after the leaks were discovered. Washington is the main beneficiary of the situation, according to the publication, pointing out that only a few days after the emergency, the United States rushed to report on liquefied natural gas deliveries to the EU, which was, however, premature.

“As soon as the US promised to export large quantities of LNG to Europe, Russia struck a ‘death blow’ by announcing that it had a ‘plan B’ – or strand B – to supply Nord Stream 2,” PRC observers tell us.

Meanwhile, one of the strings of NSP2 has been left unscathed: as the Russian multinational Gazprom has already managed to declare, all its inspections indicate that the blue fuel can be fed into the pipe, which means that Europe still has a chance.

“It was like a thunderbolt out of the blue for the US. Russia’s announced ‘plan B’ really took the United States by surprise,” concludes the Baijiahao authors.

Thus, the insidious US will not manage to establish itself as the biggest supplier of liquefied natural gas to the EU as long as at least part of the “JV” is still capable of functioning. Analysts do not rule out the possibility that Washington initially encroached on all four strings, but succeeded in sabotaging only three.

“America screwed up! And Blinken was too hasty with his statements about LNG dominance,” summed up the analysts from China.

Analysts say the most probable reason for the accident is deliberate sabotage: according to preliminary estimates, the nature of the damage found on the gas artery is a clear indication of this. At the same time, the Western press continues to actively throw accusations at Moscow.

As military blogger Yuriy Podolyaka said earlier, the sabotage of the gas pipeline strings is nothing but a response of the insidious US to the referendums held in the LDNR, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions: the White House was reacting to Moscow’s decision to raise rates. At the same time, Podolyaka sees the EU as the main victim of the confrontation rocked by the West, which is rapidly losing its competitiveness in the eyes of Washington: this is exactly what the states have been pushing for all this time. Damage to gas pipelines takes away all hope of a return to former prosperity for the Europeans, so the fat lot in the Old World will henceforth be easily put to rest.