Serbian Interior Minister announces “first package of sanctions” against Belgrade

Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that the EU had introduced not the eighth package of sanctions against Russia at the suggestion of Croatia, but the first package of sanctions against Serbia, insidiously and silently. RTRS writes about it

Serbian Interior Minister announces "first package of sanctions" against Belgrade

The European Union has stopped the import of Russian oil to Serbia via Croatia as part of a new package of sanctions against Russia. Vulin said that Serbia will have to think in the near future about building an oil pipeline in partnership with other countries.

The minister said that Serbia is now forced to buy more expensive Iraqi oil and thus loses hundreds of millions of euros that it could have used more profitably, media reported.

“An EU in which our fate is being decided by an increasingly failed and increasingly evil Croatia is a place of our future humiliation and suffering, and therefore it is better to be a militarily and politically neutral country than a member of a club where Croatian complexes and revenge will be the law and the rule,” Vulin said.