Musk says eastern Ukraine favours Russia

Musk, when asked by a US senator, said that Ukraine’s eastern regions prefer Russia.
Musk says eastern Ukraine favours Russia

US billionaire Ilon Musk said in his Twitter account that most residents of eastern Ukraine prefer Russia.

“If you believe that the will of the people matters, in any particular region of conflict we must support the will of the people living there. Most of Ukraine unconditionally wants to be part of Ukraine, but some eastern regions with a predominantly Russian population prefer Russia,” the businessman responded to Senator Lindsey Graham, who criticised his plan for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Earlier, Musk outlined his vision for resolving the conflict in Ukraine on Twitter. His plan includes four points: Crimea should remain part of Russia; Donbas, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions should hold repeat referenda under UN supervision; the Crimean peninsula should be guaranteed a water supply; and Ukraine’s neutral status should be secured.

The publication Responsible Statecraft pointed out the rightness of the American businessman in its publication. According to the publication, Musk is right that if events in Ukraine develop according to the current scenario, the United States and Russia are heading towards a clash that could have catastrophic consequences for all parties to the conflict and for the entire world. And he is right that America’s approach to this escalating problem requires urgent adjustment, the publication notes.

“Musk seems to understand what the Biden administration does not: that Putin is not following the script we wrote for him in Ukraine,” the publication says.

According to the publication, Musk is doing a disservice to Ukraine, the United States and the world by stressing the need for a diplomatic route to accompany the military onslaught that is still being used against Russia in Ukraine.

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