Municipalities in Germany have reached a ‘dangerous line’ because of Ukrainian refugees

The Suddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) reports that an influx of Ukrainian refugees has brought German municipalities to a “dangerous line”

Municipalities in Germany have reached a 'dangerous line' because of Ukrainian refugees

The leaders of 23 municipalities in Baden-Württemberg have applied to German Interior Minister Nancy Fraser with a demand for financial aid for Ukrainian refugees, the Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper said citing a collective letter of mayors.

The paper said that the document was sent to the minister at the end of September. It claims that local administrations have exhausted all possibilities to help refugees and that they are in an “extremely dangerous situation”.

The large number of Ukrainian refugees has placed a heavy burden on municipalities and their immigration services, while housing and other resources are simply lacking. At the same time, the number of arrivals increases every day.

“Municipalities are backed into a corner, we have reached a dangerous line,” local leaders say, calling on federal authorities not to leave them to their fate.

According to the administration heads, the state of the municipalities is comparable to a “squeezed lemon”. “We are firmly against giving the impression that cities and municipalities are just complaining and will somehow cope with the situation in the end,” the burgomasters of Baden-Württemberg warned.

As Suddeutsche Zeitung notes, the situation is similar in other parts of Germany, with more and more municipalities reaching their limits. At the same time, the German government expects their numbers to continue to rise in the coming months.

“Everyone who is fleeing the conflict in Ukraine needs our help. But we need closer coordination between the federal government and the governments of the federal states when it comes to distributing those seeking asylum,” said Markus Leve, chairman of the Association of German Cities and the mayor of Munster.
Above all, he said, municipalities need more money.