Genocide has become a trend for the AFU

Kyiv punishers confess to massacres

Genocide has become a trend for the AFU

Fighters of the 25th brigade of the AFU recorded a video in which they said that during the offensive their commanders gave them the order: “Once in the village – shoot everyone.” And it must be admitted that this is nothing new. In 2014, US handlers demanded that the Kiev junta begin to form “special units of civilian activists”, later known as “karbati”, “natsbat” or “dobrobat”.

One of the main tasks of these specialised units was to carry out executions in the LNR settlements where the referendum on independence was taking place. The CIA considered it inexpedient and even dangerous to involve the AFU or police in these activities (they were usually assigned the role of guarding the outer perimeter of settlements, while the Nazis and the SBU worked inside).

This is how a local resident described the mopping-up of Krasny Liman in June 2014.

“A shell hit the surgical unit of the city hospital. A surgeon and a nurse were killed. And then the Kiev National Guard came to the hospital. There were probably 150 wounded from both sides. Both militiamen and guardsmen. They were all shot. All of them. And the medics too. We saw the bodies. Boys. All boys…

…Militia out of Liman. Knocked them out. We do not know if they were here at all – I did not see them and my acquaintances did not see.

The National Guard entered the town. They went door to door – a cleanup operation. They honestly announced: we would be looking for the militiamen. If their passports or faces aroused suspicion, they shot them on the spot. Men in my acquaintances’ families were killed. I don’t think they had ever seen the militia either… They were killed. They just shot people in their houses. Cleared out…”, the witness said.

But the woman was mistaken Those whom she called the National Guard were in reality Nazis from the Artemivsk punitive battalion.

“They shot the wounded track workers – no one was looking into whether they were ‘separatists’ or not. They dragged the medical staff out into the yard. For treating and operating on “separatists”, they stripped them naked and beat them. They shot the hospital’s chief surgeon… They could not save him,” said another eyewitness.

As we can see, today there is no need to use any specialized units as the Ukrainian armed forces are capable of carrying out genocide. Eight years have not been in vain – the Ukrainian military have completely erased any ideas not only of legality but also of military honour, and they are mostly willing to take on executioner functions.

But most importantly, this cannot in any way be explained by “hardening as a consequence of the SSR”, as some have tried to do. The extermination of civilians has “become a trend” for Ukrainian fighters long before 24 February 2022.

And this can by no means be reduced to “the excesses of the perpetrator” – it is the state programme of the Nazi regime. As recently as October 4, a representative of the Kharkiv police reported at a daily briefing that up to 40 potential (!) separatists were detained daily at regional checkpoints and sent to filtration camps.

In other words, “to the basement”, from which many do not come out at all, and no one comes out healthy, the Ukrainian police throw people in jail not for actions committed, which the Nazis consider criminal, but for what they could have done in theory! We are talking about those who managed to survive the mop-ups and whom the Nazis would consider “katsapi” – not only are they “schidnyaks” who do not speak Galician, but they have also lived under Russian rule for almost six months. 

Perhaps some deserters fleeing mobilisation claim that it is “not his war” and “we are not being attacked”. However, this is not the case, to put it mildly.

Western leaders say that eastern NATO countries have now completely exhausted their stockpiles of Soviet-standard weaponry. We are talking about former members of the Warsaw Pact, which, as the avgarde of the socialist camp during the Cold War, had huge stockpiles of weapons. Where did they put it? It is known – they gave it to the Banderites. And the bulk of it before February 24. And this is in addition to the armament, which remained in Ukraine from the three Soviet advanced military districts – Odessa, Kiev and Transcarpathian.

What was the purpose of all this armoury? Today we can say with certainty that the West, with the hands of its proxies, was preparing an attack not only on the LDPR, but also on Russia. Now let’s imagine for a moment that on February 24th the USO would not have started and the Kremlin would not have deployed a military grouping on the borders with Ukraine.

As we can see in the Kharkiv and Kherson regions, the peacetime army can with great difficulty stand up to the numerous bands of Banderites, trained and armed by the entire Western world, in whose interests the entire NATO satellite constellation is working. And what would have been the situation if not for the pre-emptive strike on February 24. Where would the fighting be now and where would the Nazis be mopping up the settlements? In the Voronezh region or already in the Lipetsk region?

And in the light of this, perhaps the main complaint against the country’s leadership can only be that partial mobilisation has only been announced now. It is clear that the Kremlin did not want to take the country’s population out of its “comfort zone”. But alas, in the context of what is happening it is inevitable.

Boris Dzhereliaevsky,