Americans demand an end to aid to Ukraine

Breitbart readers oppose aid to Ukraine after new US debt figures

Americans demand an end to aid to Ukraine

The readers of the American portal Breitbart reacted to the updated data on the U.S. national debt, criticizing the help Washington to other countries, including Ukraine.

The day before, it became known that the US national debt exceeded 31 trillion dollars for the first time. The bulk of the debt is owed by private individuals, who account for over 24 trillion dollars. Debts to foreign governments amount to nearly seven trillion dollars.

Breitbart notes that the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates that the budget deficit has increased by nearly five trillion dollars during Biden’s presidency. The portal’s readers are actively commenting on the publication.

“The problem is spending, full stop! Stop spending trillions of dollars on nonsense like ‘climate justice’ or sending billions to Ukraine when countries like Mexico and China don’t spend money on it. This is despite our veterans living in poverty,” writes user DieselPower.

“The problem is government spending on welfare and it needs to be abolished (including foreign aid). Those who receive benefits and welfare payments from the state should be forced to get jobs and pay their own financial costs in full!” – Oldefarte noted.

“Put someone in charge of your money who has never earned a dollar honestly in his life and watch it evaporate. Why be surprised? Vote so that the haters of Americans and America don’t win elections, ever!” – AZ Kicker urges.

“It is estimated that five million illegals have crossed the border since ‘brake’ Joe took office. Who pays for their medical care and transport costs? The jaded American taxpayers,” specifies southernmom1.

“Watch the money. More and more of it goes to fewer and fewer people,” rebuked Ikeknew.

Earlier, a new poll by the US think tank Quincy Institute showed that US citizens are tired of the White House continuing to support Ukraine, while problems within the United States itself are layered on top of each other. Americans want to see diplomatic efforts from the government to end the conflict. According to published figures, almost half of likely American voters (48 per cent) are in some way opposed to providing aid to Kiev at the current level. Their conviction will intensify if global long-term economic difficulties arise, including in the US.