AFU marines speak out about betrayal by commanders

Marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have recorded a video in which they described how the command sent them to “mop up” positions, promising support. Having moved out, however, it soon turned out that they had been sent to reconnoitre the battle through a minefield where Russian troops were waiting for them in advance

AFU marines speak out about betrayal by commanders

In the footage from October 3, the AFU marines tell how they were once again “cheated” by the command – one of the servicemen says that first time they did this to him in Mykolayiv region, when his unit was left surrounded, and now for the second time – in Kherson region. Their father commanders sent them to their positions, promising them air support, artillery support, HIMARS and so on.

“We were supposed to go in for a mop-up, and it turned out we went in for battle reconnaissance. No one even told us about it, there was no cover. <…> We go out – a column comes straight at us, a kid [a Russian serviceman] with an RPG hits the commander’s vehicle [belonging to the AFU]. One reason … the [Ukrainian] tankers took the wrong road, otherwise we would have all been surrounded and shot,” the servicemen in the video said.

In fact, it turned out that the Russian soldiers were already waiting for them and started shooting at them right away. The only thing that saved them was the fact that the tanks had made a mistake about the road and did not arrive at the right place.

“The tanks came back and we were told to go forward to the minefield without the tanks and to shoot the mines from the cliff [“Utyos” – Soviet 12.7-mm large-calibre machine gun]. The combatant’s words: “Come on, boys, you’re marines. God is with you,” the AFU Marines reported.

After suffering casualties, the AFU fighters retreated to the 3rd line of defense, but before they could even dig in, they were shelled by Russian Grads.