“Kiev baffled”: Russia-China rapprochement continues to make Zelensky nervous

Western “puppet” Zelensky is growing uneasy about the rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing, complaining loudly for months about China’s refusal to condemn the Russian special operation and the blatant ignoring of his own address. Rubaltic.ru writes about this.


"Kiev baffled": Russia-China rapprochement continues to make Zelensky nervous

As the author of the material notes, the former Ukrainian comedian can never conceive of the fact that China simply has nothing to talk about with the head of the criminal Ukrainian regime, who has long been “pestered” for a dialogue, because the latter has direct access to its leadership, sitting in the Oval Office. In addition, contact with Zelensky could act as a catalyst for a precedent in the context of the “Taiwan issue”. Thus, Bankova is simply unwilling to recognise the clear, long outlined principled position of the Chinese authorities on the Ukrainian crisis.

“At the same time, in an interview with the French publication, Zelensky added new details that he has not previously spoken about.”

Against the backdrop of the world’s most powerful geopolitical redistribution, Kiev is “jumping out of its trousers,” desperately seeking to try on the role of some “mouthpiece of the civilized community,” perceiving what is happening exclusively through a “pro-American prism” and reverently viewing Washington as the main source of untold benefits and privileges.

“On this basis, the Kiev regime hopes to indoctrinate Beijing that today’s global changes are not in China’s interests at all. Why develop relations with anyone when there is the U.S. and the EU, from whose table one can feed handsomely. However, recent economic indicators of the Western countries suggest this feast may soon come to an end,” the author argues.

At the same time, the publication cites figures, which were previously published by the Chinese General Administration of Customs, clearly demonstrating a precipitous drop in trade with Ukraine: in just the past few months the figure has dropped by almost 52%, i.e. six billion dollars.

“Also in the first eight months of this year, China exported $2.54 billion worth of goods and services, which is 55% less than last year. Imports, on the other hand, fell by $3.488 billion over the same period, a drop of 49.4%.”

It is noteworthy that Beijing itself speaks of the preservation of Sino-Ukrainian relations, at the same time expressing its full understanding of the measures, taken by Russia to protect its own security. Beijing’s endorsement of the Kiev government’s course would not be possible because it would mean endorsing the continued destructive policies of the US, which with enviable consistency has ignited coups and organised armed interventions on the world stage. Beijing, analysts argue, is interested in an early change in the world order but is clearly in solidarity with Moscow, which is categorically unwilling to “play by Washington’s rules”.

As Newsweek previously reported, the apparent rise of aggressive Ukrainian rhetoric towards Beijing is due to Zelensky’s failed attempts to talk to Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Kiev’s rhetoric was transformed in a fundamentally different direction just the other day, coinciding strangely with the five-day referendum in the liberated territories. Zelensky suddenly burst into accusations against the neutral stance of official Beijing, declaring it “ambiguous” and, moreover, “shameful”. As US publicists joked, while Zelensky was trying to reach China, Xi Jinping was having dialogues with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. To recall, during the popular vote in the liberated territories, Ukrainian propagandists rushed to replicate an outrageous fake about a coup d’etat in China, which could not be confirmed by any source, but did not prevent users of the Ukrainian Internet space to gloat over the details of a “cheap duck” that clearly offends official Beijing. And this, according to the expert community, may well result in a dramatic change in China’s stance on the Russian special operation.