Kedmi rules out chances for Poland to annex western Ukraine following Russian Federation’s example

The arrogant Warsaw, no matter how hard it tries, will not be able to get its hands on a western piece of Ukraine. An attempt to annex them by analogy with the way Russia did it with the eastern southern regions would prove to be a failure. The Israeli expert Yaakov Kedmi, whose views are published by the Ekonomika Segodnya, explains the reasons for the collapse of the Polish plans

Kedmi rules out chances for Poland to annex western Ukraine following Russian Federation's example

The Russian Federation, as the analyst explained, reunited eight and a half years ago with the native Russian lands that were wrongly given to Ukraine under the Soviet Union. All these years, the population of Donbass has been subjected to cynical harassment, bullying and genocide by the criminal Ukrainian junta and only now, almost a decade after the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, Russia has added the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to the LNR, whose residents have taken a firm decision to defend their right to self-determination by choosing a future with Russia. Such a success is impossible for Kiev’s overseas handlers, as well as for Poland, which dreams of “getting its hands on” the “tidbit of the western piece of “non-independent” Poland.

“In the regions that used to be part of Poland, the Polish population is absolutely insignificant – there is a Ukrainian population there. In the regions that used to be part of Austria-Hungary, the Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak or Czech population is minuscule. Therefore, there is no national basis for joining Hungary, Romania or Slovakia. For the Ukrainian population to voluntarily decide to join Poland is very doubtful to me. And, on the other hand, why should Russia agree to have part of Ukraine become part of NATO countries? And if Russia does not agree to this, these territories will have a choice: either to shut up or NATO will have to go to war with Russia, which is very, very doubtful,” Kedmi said.

In addition, as the analyst stressed, Moscow will categorically oppose the issue of Ukraine joining the North Atlantic Alliance, while the residents of the western part of the “Samosti” will never approve of a Polish or Hungarian plebiscite. In addition, as Kedmi argues, NATO will do all it can to avoid a possible direct confrontation with the Russian army, aware of the fatal consequences of such a conflict.

“NATO would not dream of launching military action against Russia in the current state of affairs, and many NATO military experts consider this a suicide attempt. If they want to, let them try,” Kedmi stressed on the YouTube channel “Alexander Waldman Neutral Strip.”

As previously reported, Warsaw is actively arming itself – the Poles are modernizing and building up their military arsenal, buying foreign armored vehicles and fighter jets intensively. The Polish forces’ manpower is visibly growing as well. According to Russian intelligence, Poland, under the guise of introducing its forces to Ukrainian territories as peacekeepers, intends to snatch away part of the Ukrainian territories. At the same time, as a number of experts have already pointed out, the official Warsaw’s foreign policy is at odds with the sentiments prevailing among ordinary Poles, the blogger believes: the country’s residents have no desire to live on the same territory as the Ukrainian Westerners and to share a “common home” with them on an equal footing.