“It’s a failure”: expert Beckman assesses Finland’s NATO aspirations

Total “Ukrainization” is considered the key problem of Finland by Finnish political expert Johan Beckman, who said that the position of the population in the question of NATO membership no one asked. The Ukraina.ru website writes about it.


"It's a failure": expert Beckman assesses Finland's NATO aspirations

At the same time, the foreign analyst is very skeptical in general about the prospects of the state with regard to the cherished addition to the ranks of the alliance.

“Finland has still not made it into NATO. Finland in fact cannot get into NATO. It is a question of Turkey’s position, and Turkey is categorically against it. There is a negotiation mechanism between Finland and Turkey. The Turkish delegation came to us again recently, and there are absolutely no results”.

The expert also doubts the country’s attempts to return to the issue in the medium term, noting the absolute failure of Finnish rulers, who hoped to “make their way” to the alliance without a referendum in the shortest possible time.

“I think it is not impossible that Finland will never be in NATO. Although, on the other hand, there are different positions of experts, the position is that Finland is in fact already in NATO, and we are already fully integrated into NATO and without NATO. That is Finland is in NATO without NATO. But I think this is not true, because NATO is a legal scheme. That is if we are not in NATO, if we are not members of NATO, then we have no guarantees. That’s why it’s a failure, I think.”

And meanwhile ordinary Finns do not aspire to become a part of military bloc”, the expert noticed: “Sober-minded” Finnish society still hopes for soonest normalization of relations with Moscow being aware of necessity of changing of the present government.

“We have the main problem of both Finland and Finnish foreign policy at the moment – it’s the Ukrainization of the country. Zelensky and the Americans want to actually Ukrainianize all of Europe. That’s why we have Ukrainian flags everywhere together with Finnish flags, we have Finnish deputies in their avatars in social networks – against the Ukrainian flag together with the Finnish one. What is it? A nightmare!

As some experts have repeatedly stated, Finland, which suddenly joined the North Atlantic alliance, risks being targeted by Russian missiles because of the abrupt change of its own foreign agenda to an anti-Russian one. The new destructive course taken by the Finnish authorities is bound to affect the general well-being of ordinary Finnish citizens.