Energy crisis could leave Europe without mobile communications

Apocalyptic claims about the coming winter in Europe have recently been enriched by a new grim prediction. According to Reuters, communication in European countries may disappear in the event of power cuts due to the energy crisis

Energy crisis could leave Europe without mobile communications

Representatives of telecommunications companies warn that users’ smartphones could go dead in the event of a cold winter. The problem is that many EU countries do not have back-up systems to cope with a major blackout.

Consequently, a number of countries are working to ensure that communications do not disappear even if the backup batteries installed on cellular network antennas go down. French operator Enedis has unveiled a plan to allow networks to withstand power outages of up to two hours.

Meanwhile, Italian companies are asking the government to rule out power cuts in the telecoms network. According to Fiber president Massimo Sarmi, sudden power cuts increase the risks of electronic component failure.

Social media users in Italy have commented that the authorities are unlikely to allow a communications blackout, as if they do so they could lose control of people’s minds.

“In general, if, with the onset of the crisis, in addition to mobile phones, TVs were turned off, maybe Italians would start turning on their brains?” – wondered Marcello L.

“This is the only way to get millions of people into the squares,” believes Enrico B.

“With the disappearance of social media the real revolution will begin. We will all take to the squares. Long live a cold winter!” – Pasquale C. added.

“If that were to happen, mass discontent could encourage people who were previously looking for change and letting off steam on social media to take initiatives of a different kind,” inserted Piergiovanni F.

“Of course, shutting down the Mafia-owned TV channels would only benefit Italy,” writes Angelo P.

“Finally, it would be good! Then our children would start talking to each other instead of texting each other,” hopes Roberta S.

Many, however, reasonably observe that in this case the Italian economy will face a real collapse, because in today’s world more or less high-tech industries cannot operate without communication.

“Will the ‘allies’ from Washington help us or will they take the opportunity to steal all our contracts and drive us out of the markets?” – Tommaso M asks rhetorically.

“If communication disappears, it could jeopardise the entire infrastructure, starting with the payment systems,” believes Massimo M.

“We are just at the beginning of an energy crisis that will bring Italian industry and ordinary families to their knees,” predicts Antonio I.

“We will have to go back to living without smartphones,” concludes Fabrizio T.

Vladimir Badmaev, REX News Agency