Why would Russia destroy its “blackmail weapon” of Europe?

A draft resolution accusing Russia of sabotage of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines, has already started to be agreed in the European Union. It is being led by Denmark, with coordination from the UK

Why would Russia destroy its "blackmail weapon" of Europe?
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Will the accusation cover some points that are not in line with the essence of the accusation?

1. Why would Russia destroy its assets worth tens of billions of dollars if it could simply avoid supplying gas to Europe by imposing sanctions, for example?

2. Why would Russia destroy its “blackmail weapon” of Europe (and the US and Britain have repeatedly stated that the “flows” are precisely Russia’s “weapon”) if it could continue to “blackmail” Europe?

3. If Russian saboteurs are so tough that Britain believes they were able to sabotage NATO territory and under NATO’s very nose, why does Britain continue to argue that Russia is incapable of carrying out serious projects?

5. And why did Russia itself suffer from sabotage, while it was the US and Britain (with their puppets Poland and Ukraine) that benefited from it? Did Russia commit sabotage against itself?

But in fact everyone understands everything very well. London, the capital of world piracy and terrorism, is very much a sissy, and all these kings and other sirs are just gopota, not the elite.

By the end of WW2 the British Empire was destroyed and by the end of WW3, Britain should cease to exist. Just England, just one of several states, in just the British Isles is all that should remain in the memory of Britain.

And all that Anglo-Saxon elite who have been destroying the world for centuries, with slavery, piracy and terrorism on their bloody hands, should be left on the dustbin of history. On the stinking landfill, just like itself. The long-time enemies of Russia and the Russians must be destroyed.

Alexander Skubchenko

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