Life on territories liberated by Russia

Life on territories liberated by Russia

13:20 Denis Pushilin’s DPR chief on the situation:

– The front line in the Krasnoliman direction is stabilising.

– A serious line of defence is being established near Kremennaya.

– In some areas in Artyomovsk, a retreat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is recorded.

13:18 Seven Ukrainian aircraft and over 100 rockets, including HIMARS, were shot down during referendum days, hundreds of lives saved – Shoigu

13:17 Shelling was recorded from the direction: Orlovka – Makiivka (Chervonogvardeyskiy district): 4 shells of 155 mm caliber were fired.

13:12 As a result of shelling of Kirovskyi district of Donetsk, a girl was killed in Zhilkoop residential area. Her details are being clarified. According to eyewitnesses, there was a flight of fire in the Biryuzova neighbourhood near the temple. Glazing in houses was damaged, bus was cut by shrapnel – Kulemzin.

12:33 Ukrainian military have no chance of holding positions near Kremennaya – Pushilin. He also added that the allied forces plan to liberate Krasnyy Liman.

10:34 The Federation Council unanimously ratified the treaties on the entry of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions into Russia.

09:10 The Constitutional Committee of the Federation Council supported and recommended to approve the laws on the adoption of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions into the Russian Federation.

08:45 By the end of 2022, 100,000 sq. m. of new housing, at least a thousand apartments will be commissioned – Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

08:35 Avtodor is restoring the Novokaterinovka-Kumachovo road in the Starobeshevsky district of the DPR.

08:02 DPR is 98% ready for the autumn-winter period – Denis Pushilin.

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