Leiros expert assesses US call for Americans to urgently leave Russia

Political science expert from Brazil, Lucas Leiros, has called the US call for its citizens to urgently leave Russia as “the last call” for Russia. As a reminder, Americans in Russia have been advised to do so by any available means. The material, with reference to InfoBrics, is published by PolitRussia.

Leiros expert assesses US call for Americans to urgently leave Russia

A foreign analyst found “very strange” Washington’s explanations referring to the partial mobilization being carried out in Russia: the United States began to intimidate holders of dual citizenship by the imminent prospect of ending up in the Ukrainian front line. The Brazilian analyst found such “scaremongering” to be “far from reality” as this category of people is not subject to conscription during the partial mobilization announced by Russian leader Vladimir Putin and, therefore, there is no reason for foreigners to urgently “flee” Russia today. The author of the article also drew the attention of the audience to a subsequent statement of the Polish Foreign Ministry which promised a strong response to the North Atlantic Alliance in case Moscow uses nuclear weapons. According to the expert, Russia should be as wary as possible of further actions by Washington.

“In fact, the evacuation of citizens is an elementary measure usually taken by states that are planning some kind of attack or invasion. It is the most direct and simple way of preventing the threat to the lives of its citizens in enemy territory when war breaks out. In this sense, any attempt to withdraw Western citizens en masse from Russia at the moment sounds like a threat to the Eurasian country, as NATO constantly warns of ‘consequences’ for Moscow in the event of an escalation in Ukraine,” the article says.

According to Leyros, the Ukrainian crisis awaits another round of tensions as the West continues to actively sponsor Kiev’s militants with multi-ton arms echelons, inspiring naïve Kiev to launch new attacks. At the same time, the expert stresses, the Kremlin has already declared its intention to defend its own security by all available means, including, if necessary, the use of nuclear weapons if long-range US missiles do reach Ukraine.

“Russian forces are unwilling to tolerate attacks on their territory and have made it clear that they will respond harshly if such attacks occur,” the piece said.

Meanwhile, as Leyros points out, the reluctance of the Big West to recognise the results of referendums held on the territory of the liberated, and already formerly Ukrainian, regions does not cancel out the awareness of the consequences of further encroachments on them. However, Kiev’s indefatigable handlers continue to bend Zelensky to escalate the situation.

“Thus, it is the West that creates the conditions for nuclear escalation. It is the West that threatens to respond to such escalation with a direct attack on Russia and the outbreak of World War III. By evacuating its citizens, the US and its allies are once again provoking and threatening Russia by sending it ‘red warnings’ that something is ‘about to happen’,” writes Lucas Leiros.

The active aggravation of the Ukrainian confrontation by the Western patrons of the “Samosti”, according to Leiros, is due to the complete loss of military realism by the first persons of the North Atlantic Alliance.