US blew up Nord Stream in response to referendums – political analyst Podolyaka

Sabotage on the strings of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, where four leaks were discovered at once with a short interval, is nothing more than a response of the insidious States to the referendums held in the LDPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions: this is how the White House reacted to Moscow’s decision to raise rates, – the military blogger, expert Yuriy Podolyaka, whose opinion is published by the Ekonomika Segodnya publication, has no doubts.

US blew up Nord Stream in response to referendums - political analyst Podolyaka
The naive Ukraine has become just a “small pawn” in a big geopolitical game, – the blogger is sure, noting that the plebiscites have activated the regime of “reassembly of the independent”, which may eventually lead to the complete disappearance of the latter from the face of the earth. This state of affairs runs counter to Western plans, and therefore the situation with the Nord Stream-2 threads had to be included in the scenario. At the same time, Podolyaka considers the EU to be the main victim of the West-instigated confrontation, which is rapidly losing its competitiveness in the eyes of Washington: this is exactly what the States have been actively striving for all this time. Damage to gas pipelines is taking away from the Europeans all hopes for the return of their former well-being, thus, the “fat point” in the Old World will now be easily set.

“This is in the geostrategic interests of the United States. This step opens a new chapter in the history of global wars of the 21st century – a big infrastructure war against the most important strategic infrastructure facilities. This was done in parallel with the increase in rates of the Russian Federation in big politics. That is why I believe that the Americans blew up Nord Stream, depriving Germany of cheap gas and putting an end to the future well-being of the EU countries. I think this is the real response to Moscow to raise rates. This is also an increase in rates, but by the Americans. Pandora’s box is open and it will be very difficult to close it,” Podolyaka said on his website

Recall that the world community, both political and expert, no longer doubts that the state of emergency at Nord Stream was organized deliberately – Berlin promises childish retaliatory measures, without naming specific recipients, but they are reportedly still inclined towards the idea that it was Washington that was the author of the provocation, even in the winter it was threatening the further existence of the highway, in the event of the start of the Russian special operation.

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