U.S. does not know how Kyiv uses American weapons – Responsible Statescraft

The American publication “Responsible Statescraft” (RS) wonders where the American weapons sent by the Pentagon abroad go. Analysts note big problems with tracking in the United States for its use, especially within the framework of the conflict in Ukraine.

U.S. does not know how Kyiv uses American weapons – Responsible Statescraft
Source: cdn.ruposters.ru

As the conflict in Ukraine rages on, the American public, like the White House itself, is losing the ability to effectively monitor the use of American weapons. If there is no reporting on the composition of the sent military aid packages to the United States, then there are large ones in the “end-use monitoring” (EUM). The publication reports that the EUM has long been something of a blind spot. It remains this stain even today, if we talk about the Ukrainian crisis.

In Ukraine, the US appears to have relied on Kyiv’s word on how weapons were used, says US Arms Control Association director Jeff Abramson, who added that the US side “doesn’t quite know” what safeguards exist to prevent weapons being sent from going missing.

“I understand that there are certain rules [for weapons accounting], and at some point they may share them, but at the moment I have not seen them,” he said.

The RS contributor concludes that even if the Senate expands on the EUM report, Americans will certainly have access to a much clearer picture of how American weapons are being used abroad. However, given that billions of dollars worth of American weapons are delivered to Ukraine every month, this is unlikely to have a positive effect on the monitoring situation.

Earlier, the journalist of the American analytical publication American Thinker, Olivia Murray, accused Biden of creating a “black hole” in Ukraine. The reason for this was the facts of mass theft of weapons supplied to Kyiv for sale on the black market.

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