U.S. benefits from sabotage at Nord Stream – American Conservative

The American Conservative (AC) writes about an underwater sabotage on the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The publication cites an analysis by host Tucker Carlson, who points out that Russia has no good reason to spoil this pipeline.

U.S. benefits from sabotage at Nord Stream - American Conservative

As Tucker points out, it’s not hard to see why the US would be interested in seeing this pipeline damaged, AC reports. He cites clips in which Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland of the State Department said earlier this year that if Russia starts fighting in Ukraine, “it would be a shame if something happened to Nord Stream.”

“No one knows yet who did it. If I had to bet money, I would bet it was us [USA]. We [Americans] are racing towards the possibility of a nuclear conflict with Russia, and it looks like Washington is behaving almost as recklessly as Moscow,” writes edition.

The US initially did not want Europe to get Nord Stream in the first place because it would make Europe dependent on Russian gas. This is quite reasonable, from the American point of view, the author of the material reports. However, if Washington were to sabotage these pipelines in the midst of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis, it would mean a new escalation of the war, even to the point of sabotaging critical infrastructure.

“Think about it: if Russia is still unable to supply gas to Europe because the pipelines are too damaged, it makes it difficult to achieve peace and restore energy flow to Europe. This is in line with the political goals of Washington, ”the article notes.

AC adds that winter will soon come to Europe. If the Europeans get tired of being cold and/or paying huge amounts for heating, they can take to the streets and demand that their governments be pushed into peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in order to restore the supply of Russian gas. But now, when the Nord Stream gas pipeline is badly damaged, this possibility is excluded, the publication concludes.

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