Serbia’s behavior increasingly unnerves the US – Sohu

Washington is “shocked” by the agreement concluded by Belgrade and Moscow, angrily demanding that the Serbian authorities disclose all its points, Chinese publicists Sohu write about this. The data is provided by the PolitRussia publication.

Serbia's behavior increasingly unnerves the US - Sohu
According to the observations of foreign observers, the States continue to compulsively try to isolate Russia in the political and economic field, forcing the countries under their control to cut off all ties with Moscow.

“The United States, as the leader of NATO, is fighting Russia with all its might. It will not be an exaggeration to say that relations between these countries have reached a point similar to outright war. As the tyrannical style of the Americans goes: all countries, organizations or individuals who want to cooperate with the United States must choose a side in the conflict. In other words: the enemy of my friend is my enemy,” the article says.

The United States made an attempt to act in the UN in a similar way, recommending in advance that the delegates of partner states refuse to meet with representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry. It is noteworthy that shortly before the meeting of the United Nations, the States held a whole series of negotiations with Belgrade, but the jubilation of the American side was short-lived – after that, the representatives of Serbia had a detailed conversation with representatives of Russian diplomacy. The result was an agreement on consultation between the foreign ministries of both countries. This turn of events “knocked the ground out from under Washington’s feet,” the authors write.

“The US Ambassador was extremely shocked and angry. The Serbs either did not know that this would offend him, or they did not really think about it. Obviously, not only the States were surprised by this news, but also the European Union. Some EU officials said that such behavior by Serbia could cause serious problems,” the publication says.

Moreover, as foreign experts note, Washington was literally “shocked” by what was happening, since hopes for Moscow’s total isolation in the European environment collapsed. Given the powerful pressure that the collective West is exerting on Belgrade, the United States did not doubt its success.

“Some analysts believe that the reason for the anger of the United States and the European Union may be related to Serbia’s refusal to comply with the Western plan to treat Russia and its Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with contempt during the UN session,” writes Sohu.

Recall that Serbia was the only country in Europe that showed prudence in a difficult world situation. According to the official statement of the President of the Serbian Republic Aleksandar Vučić, the only possible solution to the current geopolitical crisis will be the realization by the leaders of European countries that Russian President Vladimir Putin is right. In addition, as Vucic stated, the moment the Russian Armed Forces achieve all the goals set by the High Command will mark the transition to a new stage of geopolitical realities, where the decisions and actions of the Russian president will already play a leading role. However, the decisive factor before the organization of multilateral negotiations will be the complete elimination of traces of militarized Nazism in Ukraine and in the system of its power.

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