Inflation in Germany hits double digits

Inflation in Germany hit double digits for the first time since the introduction of the euro. For understanding: a huge number of Germans still consider the single European currency a big mistake, and themselves robbed – then the standard of living for the first time in many decades began to fall

Inflation in Germany hits double digits

And this is Germany, the most financially powerful country in the EU, the world leader in exports, a social state in which millions of people are accustomed to absolute well-being. And there is also the Baltic States – now also the world leader, but in terms of inflation.

“Whoever chooses between war and disgrace will receive both war and disgrace” – this phrase is attributed to Churchill, although in the original it does not sound like that. But let’s remember it nonetheless. The fact is that at a certain moment, between not even a war, but a diplomatic struggle with the United States and absolute humility, Europe chose humility. It happened gradually and began with the same Germany, which after the war was a little in no position to dictate terms. And then – step by step: the dollar as a reserve currency, gold reserves in storage with the United States, military bases”. 

In the 2000s, an opposition movement began to wake up in Europe – the right, standing for the independence of their countries. They chose war, that is, struggle, instead of shame. How did the government react? In Germany, a party that consistently gains 15% in elections is declared non-existent: it was declared “Nazi” and simply ignored. In Austria, where the most herbivorous moderate right came to power, a performance was played with a sex tape, after which the entire political structure, including the chancellor, fell down. In Hungary, Viktor Orban, apparently, did not give a single reason to dig up anything on him, so the Hungarians are pissed from Brussels simply on the fact of their existence. To the question: “Do you want to be independent?” Europe answered: “No”, implying that it exchanges freedom for well-being.
Well, we are seeing the result: inflation, an increase in energy prices by 300-400%, a blown up gas pipeline and TV commercials on how to store firewood, heat a stove and how to go into a bag instead of a toilet bowl (yes, in Estonia, on TV and it was shown).

You like? Don’t say you didn’t want it.

Dmitry Petrovsky, RT

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