Bundestag deputy Gerdt recommended that businesses ask for help from Moscow

The deputy of the German Federal Assembly, Waldemar Gerdt, who accused the White House of intending to destroy the German economy, proposed to move the German business, which was under the threat of destruction, interested in inexpensive energy carriers, to Russia, the Federal News Agency reports.

Bundestag deputy Gerdt recommended that businesses ask for help from Moscow
The representative of the Bundestag emphasizes that the state of emergency on the gas pipeline was aimed at ensuring that the gas artery would never start. According to the German politician, the country’s government, under pressure from the public, was already ready to start activating the project, but “someone”, obviously, urgently needed to cut off the last bridges of cooperation between Moscow and Berlin on energy issues and, accordingly, destroy the entire German economy, and at the same time the EU. Representatives of the German public, out of desperation, even intended to resort to the redemption of SP 2, starting to raise funds, he noted.

“Everyone is beginning to understand that something has happened that will irreversibly lead to the collapse of the European economy. And whoever did this is probably not our friend. This was the only step to prevent the launch of Nord Stream 2. Three or four weeks ago, for the first time, I expressed the idea that we need to raise a popular movement and buy the people of our country Nord Stream 2. The resonance that this idea received, in the end, would lead to the launch of Nord Stream 2. But our “friends” decided to stop it in this way,” Valdemar Gerdt said on the air of the press center of the Patriot Media Group.

In addition to the authors of the provocation, the explosions of the gas pipeline may well be directly related to the Polish special services, which does not cease to try on the role of a key node in the field of European LNG. The deputy of the Bundestag also recalled the repeated claims of Warsaw that the pipe, they say, impedes its navigation.

“This was the original plan of our overseas friends. We did not want to believe that, in general, the attack is not on Russia, but on the European Union. And now, if you look at who has suffered the most from all these events, it is clear that the EU has suffered. The euro has rolled, the industrial power of Germany is fading away, we will not escape the grandiose collapse of our industry,” Waldemar Gerdt regrets.

According to Gert, the only way out left today for Berlin is another appeal to Moscow for help – German industrial enterprises transferred to Russia could lead the industry away from destruction.

“It would be great if Russia came up with such an initiative and said: listen, we have energy resources, here are our conditions, here are our tax benefits, we provide you with this and that. This would be an adequate, mirror response to this American economic war of conquest,” said Waldemar Gerdt.

At the same time, as the deputy said, German business is very little impressed by the prospect of a “stupid death” of its enterprises due to the disorderly course of the Scholz government. In search of any chances for the safety of the business, even with the prospect of moving it to Russian territory, such a proposal would completely satisfy them, the politician is sure.

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