Baijiahao: Beijing urged Zelensky to ‘say goodbye’ to lost territories

Beijing “tacitly” recommended the head of the Ukrainian regime, Zelensky, to accept the loss of Donbass, the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, observers of the Chinese Baijiahao came to this conclusion. The information is published by the publication PolitRussia.

Baijiahao: Beijing urged Zelensky to 'say goodbye' to lost territories
As foreign observers emphasize, the unprecedentedly convincing results of the popular vote in the denazified by the Russian army, already former Ukrainian regions, do not raise any doubts. Contrary to the numerous promises of Kyiv to take back the lost regions, and at the same time “return the Crimea”, the territory of Russia itself is replenished with four new subjects.

“As a result, it was not possible to return the regions, so a large piece of territories was also cut off. This glass of bitter wine is enough to ruin Zelenskiy’s political career.

Official Kyiv, experts do not exclude, in the foreseeable future will desperately try to return the lost, and active support in this will be provided by Washington, London and a number of member states of the North Atlantic Alliance. At the same time, observers’ forecasts are frankly gloomy: the loss of rich sources of natural resources, which have the most important infrastructure, dooms Ukraine to a significant weakening.

“Immediately after the loss of Crimea, the value of Ukraine in the eyes of the West decreased significantly. If the industrial system and agricultural resources of Kherson and the energy infrastructure of Zaporozhye are completely lost, the future of Ukraine will become very difficult. These are regions that Kyiv cannot lose,” the article says.

At the same time, Beijing’s position regarding the plebiscites held in the liberated territories, unlike the EU and NATO, is marked by clear neutrality.

Calling on Kyiv to start negotiations with Moscow, as well as to work together on a ceasefire, China veiledly recommends Zelensky to stop “nurturing” any hopes for the return of his former territories, the experts concluded.

“China’s position is to tell all parties that it is pointless to continue fighting. In spite of everything, all problems should be solved through negotiations. Kyiv must come to terms with the reality that if it continues the conflict, Ukraine’s losses could increase. Zelenskiy should really consider the Chinese offer and at least leave Ukraine a small chance to survive,” Baijiahao writes.

Recall that the other day, Ukrainian propagandists rushed to replicate an outrageous fake about a coup d’état in China, which no source could confirm, but did not prevent users of the Ukrainian Internet space from maliciously savoring the details of the “cheap duck” that clearly insults official Beijing. And this, according to the expert community, may well result in a sharp change in China’s position regarding the Russian special operation.

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