Arms production in the US and Europe does not keep pace with the requests of Kyiv

The American channel CNBC published a story proving that the arsenals of the United States and Europe are running out of weapons and ammunition to be sent to Ukraine.

Arms production in the US and Europe does not keep pace with the requests of Kyiv

U.S. and European stockpiles of weapons and ammunition destined for Ukraine are running out faster than countries can replenish them, CNBC reports. The article reports that in peacetime, the United States produces 30,000 shells for 155-mm howitzers a year, this amount is enough for Ukrainian troops for about 2 weeks.

“If we don’t have new production that takes months to ramp up, we won’t be able to supply the Ukrainians,” said Dave Des Roche, associate professor and senior military researcher at the US National Defense University.

It is noted that weapons and ammunition are also running out in Europe.

“The military stocks of most European NATO member countries were, I would not say that they were exhausted, but depleted to a large extent, because we provided a lot of weapons to Ukrainians,” Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, quoted CNBC as saying.

According to the publication, in peacetime, Western countries produce weapons in much smaller quantities, and governments prefer to reduce very expensive production and release weapons only as needed. Some dwindling weapons are no longer being produced, requiring highly skilled labor and expertise—something that the American manufacturing sector has been in short supply for years.

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