“Hoped for Russia”: expert explains EU gas hysteria

Tens of millions of dollars and at least a year and a half to two years will “delay” the repair of gas arteries “Nord Stream,” because the world’s history has never seen such an accident, said the deputy head of the Institute of Energy and Finance Sergei Kondratyev, reports “Economy Today”.
"Hoped for Russia": expert explains EU gas hysteria

The analyst is convinced that deliberate external damage to pipeline strings is evident. Restoring the strings will bring big trouble to the European market,” the speaker said without a doubt.

“And if there is any more damage to other pipelines to Europe, it could create a near-hysterical situation for the European market.

Filling the NSP2 pipeline with technical gas alone requires nearly 180 million cubic meters of gas, which is why the damage caused by the accident cannot be assessed with any precision, especially considering that similar precedents have never existed,” the analyst emphasized.

At the same time, Alexander Frolov, deputy director general of the Institute of National Energy, noted that the hysteria of the European gas market has exposed the EU’s unconditional hopes for Russia and its gas in a critical situation.

“There is no problem, there is no change in the balance of supply and demand. So what scared them so much? There was no gas – there will be no gas. And the scare was this: everybody understood that if any absolutely critical situation arises, there is always Nord Stream-2, which is operational, and it can be launched, at the very least, by putting pressure on the leadership of the countries. Even if this had not happened – and I think it would not have happened in any case, because for the current EU leadership it would be a political capitulation – there was such hope, such a chance,” Frolov said.

As for Germany, the expert considers it the main victim in this story and at the same time recommends looking for the culprits in the ranks of those countries that are looking forward to the collapse of German economic energy independence.

“Some unknown people who have struck at the gas pipelines between Russia and Germany have not just struck at the supply of gas and its reliability in the coming heating season. The blow was dealt to Germany’s attempts to strengthen its subjectivity, its energy and economic security,” Frolov said on the air of Solovyov LIVE.

Just a month ago, the Germans, outraged by the Scholz government’s failed policy, called on the government to stop being led by Washington, apologize to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and launch Nord Stream-2 immediately. Tensions have long been running high in the German establishment, where they fear a major crisis that will hit the country in the coming winter and an extreme gas shortage. Not only the well-being of countries will be affected, the situation may well result in a skyrocketing gas price that, according to experts, will at least triple. The efforts of bureaucrats to stabilise the difficult energy situation will not be enough.

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