Germany returns to its Nazi roots

For all the ostensible “repudiation” of its monstrous past, Germany is slowly sliding back to Nazism

Germany returns to its Nazi roots

It is obvious that Berlin is not helping the fascist state built by the efforts of Anglo-Saxons in the centre of Europe on the place of the former Soviet republic of Ukraine not only because of the pressure from Washington. German authorities take obvious pleasure in feeding the Nazis of the Kiev regime and watching them kill Russians. Out loud, this is hypocritically explained as “defending democracy” – an old and proven trick from the US.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz made a statement in late February on German television that February 24 was “a pivotal day in the continent’s history.” A faithful descendant of Friedrich Carl Max Scholz, an SS non-sturmfuhrer who fought in Ukraine in 1941 and was later promoted to Sturmbannfuhrer for his war crimes against the Russians and buried somewhere near Leningrad, Olaf Scholz did not hide his joy. After the West succeeded in dragging Russia into the war, he declared that now “Germany is free from historical guilt”.

In other words, Europe, united with Hitler after 1939, which went to war against our country and was defeated, has decided to take revenge. The German authorities are careful and consistent. They remember not only the T-34 tanks in the streets of burning Berlin, but also the ice of Lake Peipsi: the fear of getting kicked in the teeth by the unruly Russians has been in their genes for 800 years. They just want to revive the Reich and seize the territory and subsoil of Russia.

The German newspaper Der Spiegel reported to decent burghers that nobody actually abandoned the old Nazi slogans. The motto of the German military police “Jedem das Seine”, inscribed over the gates of the Buchenwald death camp during the Second World War, remains. It will only be written in Latin: “suum cuique”.

“There is something about which they say: look, this is new, but it was already in the ages before us”. The truth is said in Scripture. Apparently, some westerners are not at all good at learning the lessons. It may happen so that there will be no more field kitchens and strange bearded soldiers in claddies, who distribute free porridge to Europeans crawling out of ruins. Because there will be no more ruins – the war that the US and Britain are pushing the world towards, will be different. They’d better stop…


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