Echoes of the North Stream sabotage: Republicans accuse Biden of terrorism

The North Stream sabotage managed to raise media hysteria in the U.S. overnight – and even lead to a new round of political infighting
Echoes of the North Stream sabotage: Republicans accuse Biden of terrorism

Biden’s opponents have begun mocking claims of Russian involvement in the bombing of their own pipeline. The White House itself has not officially blamed anyone else for the incident – although the liberal media, which is close to it, has rushed to accuse Russia of being behind it.

Some Republicans openly accused Biden and the intelligence services under his control of masterminding the sabotage. And they called on all responsible Americans to condemn the act of terrorism they believe was perpetrated by the Democrat Party regime in power.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, a Trump ally in the House of Representatives, has been particularly vocal in her criticism of Biden. She accused the Democrats of corruption and a desire to cash in on Europe’s gas problems. And called for an end to further monetary support for Kiev.

After the November elections, Green aims to join the leadership of the Congressional Budget Committee. And there, from a position of strength, she will be able to start investigations against Biden – with regard to corruption in the use of Ukrainian budgets, the U.S. biolaboratories (about which she also spoke a lot) and the gas wars. One thing is clear: Contradictions in Washington are escalating again and Biden’s opponents will increasingly use the already unpopular Ukrainian agenda against him.

Malek Dudakov

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