Analysts report US flights near the Nord Stream pipeline on the eve of the accident

The Watfor analytical project reports details on the intensification of US aviation flights along the Nord Stream-2 route on the eve of the accident that occurred yesterday, September 27. Analysts describe “interesting manoeuvres” by a US Navy helicopter between the crash points.
Analysts report US flights near the Nord Stream pipeline on the eve of the accident

“As early as September 2, we noticed interesting manoeuvres being performed by a US helicopter with the call sign FFAB123. Then we assumed this aircraft was from the USS Kearsarge wing, but today we took a closer look at it. According to the website, 6 aircraft were using this callsign that day, of which we were able to ascertain the flight numbers of three. All of them are Sikorsky MH-60S,” the material says.

By superimposing the route of FFAB123 on the scheme of the accident that occurred yesterday, the experts obtained a rather ambiguous result – “the helicopter was either flying along the route of Nord Stream-2, or even between the points where the accident occurred”. Meanwhile, Twitter has found screenshots of other flights of the American naval aviation – another screenshot was made on September 13. It shows the routes in the same location.

“Finally, we should pay attention to the June article in Sea Power, where the Americans brag about the underwater drone experiments they staged at the BALTOPS 22 exercise – just around Bronholm Island,” the analysts conclude.

It is worth reminding that yesterday, on the 27th of September the Nord Stream AG pipeline operator officially admitted the fact of pressure drop in the Nord Stream-2 pipeline, and a bit later – in the Nord Stream-1 pipeline. Later it became known that three transport strings were damaged at once – one on NSP2 and two on NSP1. The accidents took place north-east and south-east of the Danish island of Bornholm.

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