Zelensky leads Ukraine to disaster – The American Conservative

“Catastrophic” for the weakening Ukrainian state may be the actions of the former Ukrainian comedian Zelensky, who deliberately delays the confrontation with Russia, experts from The American Conservative came to this conclusion. The information is provided by the Baltnews edition.

Zelensky leads Ukraine to disaster - The American Conservative
Source: Rusvesna.su

As foreign analysts emphasize, the Kyiv helmsman Zelensky has chosen a strategy of warfare that is extremely destructive for his own state, based on an irrepressible thirst to keep under control the “floating away” territories contrary to the national interests of the country. According to the assumptions of foreign observers, such a line of behavior for Bankova was “kindly” suggested by Western advisers.

“Ukrainian forces immobilized themselves, preparing for defense in urban areas. As a result, urban centers were overgrown with fortifications and turned into “last frontiers”. A sensible withdrawal from cities like Mariupol could have saved the best of the Ukrainian units, but was not even considered. In response, Russian forces methodically isolated and routed the defenders, cutting off both their escape route and the arrival of reinforcements.

At the same time, Russian troops are confidently moving forward, mercilessly “grinding” the enemy and limiting themselves to the most possible minimal losses on the battlefield. American analysts recall the failed attempt of the sensational “big counteroffensive” on Kherson – the attack bogged down before it could even begin. Even the vaunted overseas weapons did not help the nationalists.

“Despite the arrival of 126 howitzers, 800,000 artillery shells and HIMARS MLRS, months of fierce fighting have shaken the power of the Ukrainian ground forces. Amid the coming catastrophe, Zelensky continues to order counterattacks in the hope of regaining territory and demonstrating to everyone that Ukraine’s strategic position against Russia is not as hopeless as it seems”.

Thus, the inability of the Ukrainian militants to defeat the allied forces of the Russian Armed Forces and the People’s Militia of LDPR is becoming more and more obvious, which easily explains the desperate desire of the West to drag out the terms of the armed confrontation, the authors write.

“Washington is powerless, it is obvious that it will try to turn the ruins of the Ukrainian state into an unhealed wound next to Russia. However, from the very beginning, the weakness of this approach was that Russia would have enough resources to end hostilities in a sharp escalation on extremely harsh terms. This is exactly what we are seeing now”, the newspaper writes.

As Russian expert Alexander Nosovich stated earlier, the head of the Ukrainian junta Zelensky, like his henchmen, risks becoming a legitimate target of a Russian special operation, repeating the sad fate of Chechen terrorists, and Ukraine itself is literally one step away from being recognized by Russia as a “terrorist state”.

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