US media preparing Kyiv that the goals of Ukraine and U.S. “may diverge”

The American edition of the New York Times (NYT) published an article in which it advised Zelensky to be prepared for the fact that at some point the United States will demand “negotiations and restraint” from him.

US media preparing Kyiv that the goals of Ukraine and U.S. "may diverge"

American support for Ukraine is important and necessary, but there may soon come a time when the goals of Ukraine and US interests may diverge, writes NYT. The combination of several Ukrainian military victories and Vladimir Putin’s warning about the option of using nuclear weapons to defend Russia brings closer the moment when Kyiv decides to go “all the way to victory” and the US demands “negotiation and restraint” from it.

The newspaper notes that the White House understands that Kyiv may be ready for a significant risk for the sake of its own territorial integrity. However, just as Reagan’s horror of nuclear war had a decisive impact on his subsequent US policy, Joe Biden’s course will be measured not only by what the White House achieves to win Ukraine, but also by working to preserve peace for all mankind.

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