Ukrainian Armed Forces losses are ‘large or even huge’ – NYT

The ongoing battle in southern Ukraine is by far the worst of the entire conflict. This is written by the American edition of The New York Times (NYT), whose correspondent spoke with eyewitnesses of the events.

Ukrainian Armed Forces losses are 'large or even huge' - NYT

Data on the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were not disclosed, however, after talking with Ukrainian fighters, the NYT correspondent ruled that the losses were “big and even huge.” For example, he was told that hundreds of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died in the battles for one village alone. Elsewhere, according to eyewitnesses, 50 fighters died in two hours.

“Every Ukrainian soldier on the southern front carries a machine gun with him, but few of them fired from this weapon. Death here comes from a great distance. It is indiscriminate and total,” the newspaper notes.

The newspaper writes that Ukrainian commanders constantly say that they had no choice but to send people on a suicide attack. Southern Ukraine needs to be liberated, they say, before October rains turn the roads into impenetrable swamps. Also, the Zelensky regime needs to demonstrate to the world that it is able to return the territories previously controlled by Kyiv.

In particular, this must be done before winter begins to test the resolve of Ukraine’s allies. However, according to the NYT, the Russian troops, which are thoroughly entrenched in the Kherson region, are capable of providing strong resistance, which leads to many casualties on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Recall that in only one defeated armored group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the settlement Pravdino in the Kherson region, there were 17 units of destroyed armored vehicles.

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