Referendums in the liberated territories: information for September 25 (updated)

Referendums in the liberated territories: information for September 25 (updated)
Source: RIA News

18:42 For three days of voting in the LPR, more than 50% of voters took part in the referendum, the turnout is high. The decision at the referendum will be considered approved if 680,385 voters support it, that is, more than 50%, the head of the CEC of the republic reports.

18:37 The course of the referendum in the LPR meets international standards for the organization of the electoral process, said an observer from Belarus Vadim Gigin.

18:35 The course of the referendum in the LPR complies with international standards for the organization of the electoral process, said an observer from Belarus Vadim Gigin.

17:10 RT: The RT military correspondent showed footage from a mobile polling station in one of the residential areas of Lugansk.

“We have been waiting for this moment [for the referendum] for a very long time. It should have happened earlier.”

According to him, mostly older people come here. They found the times of the USSR, lived as part of Ukraine, and then in the LPR.

16:12 News Front: queues line up at referendum polling stations in Kherson region – video.

16:09 Volodymyr Saldo: Kherson residents vote in the referendum with great enthusiasm.

People in Kherson vote in the referendum on the entry of the Kherson region into the Russian Federation with great enthusiasm. This was told by the head of the Administration of the Kherson region Volodymyr Saldo.

“I was at the polling station where people come to vote in labor collectives. People’s eyes are burning, glowing – this shows their attitude to this event, – the head of the Kherson region shared his personal impressions. “The one who is more courageous has already voted… Even those who are afraid are already coming.”

16:00 Footage of News Front military correspondent Alexander Reki: LPR. Young mothers with tears in their eyes vote for Russia in a referendum:

“I am for Russia. Russian soldiers save people, soldiers give their lives, how many young lads suffer, and Ukrainians continue to make things worse.

15:38 RT: The referendum in the DPR continues! Brave representatives of the PEC are trying to go around every yard and every private house throughout the country. Speaking of mobile groups: these brave women, many of whom are teachers in schools and universities, work at their own peril and risk. Fly from Ukrainian nationalists can anywhere at any time. They try not to talk about it, quietly fulfilling their duty to their compatriots – video.

15:34 Foreign observers are present at any election. The referendum in the LPR was no exception. We were visited by observers Lubica Blashkova from Slovakia, Sergei Filbert from Germany, Vadim Gigin from Belarus. Observers noted the organization of conditions for voting for different categories of the population and the complete absence of any violations – SOLOVYOV.

15:12 RT: This is how the fighters of the legendary 11th regiment of the People’s Militia of the DPR vote.

“Guys are ready to go running, walking, crawling, but only to vote.”

15:05 Head of News Front agency Konstantin Knyrik: I feel like in 2014 in Crimea. Thanks to the people of Kherson for these emotions.

“Ukraine can throw fakes all they want, but there are huge crowds of people at the polling stations. Despite the intimidation, despite the terrorist attacks, despite the attempts to intimidate members of the election commissions, the referendum in Kherson is going on absolutely normally.”

Konstantin also added that Aleksey Zhuravko, who died today as a result of a neo-Nazi strike on civilians in Kherson, did a lot to ensure that people went to the referendum and were able to make their choice (source: FRONTovye Zametki Telegram channel).

14:57 On the third day of the referendum on joining Russia, a line of several meters formed at the building of the DPR embassy in Moscow. Most of those who came are citizens of the DPR and LPR, but refugees from the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions also come.

14:47 An observer from the Netherlands in the LPR said that a trial awaits her at home because of her position on Donbass

“I arrived in Russia when a special military operation began and visited the Donbass. And they told me that I was waiting for a criminal prosecution and a trial at home. Perhaps more than three years in prison awaits me”, said Sonia van den Jende.

14:35 News Front LeX military correspondent footage: Kherson region returns to its native harbor, despite the shelling of Kyiv

“Despite the shelling, people are going to vote… Russia is here… Everything that exists today de facto, we will formalize de jure,” said Andrei Turchak, Secretary of the United Russia General Council.

Also, the head of the military and civil administration of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, said that the region was waiting for after reunification with Russia.

“Together we all move forward. After we become part of Russia, the economy of Kherson and the Kherson region will show itself to be positive, with very strong dynamics,” said Vladimir Saldo, head of the regional regional administration.

14:32 Kherson region after joining Russia will not try to remove Ukrainian culture and language – deputy head of the military-civilian administration of the region

“We are not trying to remove our culture, our language, traditions. We just want peace and freedom, we don’t want someone to dominate us, someone to point us, because we are free people of one big Russia”, he said.

14:27 RT: the parishioners of the temple in Donetsk told why they vote for the entry of the DPR into the Russian Federation.

“I want to go to Russia. Russia is our Motherland. <…> The referendum is a legal and official confirmation that we are Russians and would like to be with Russia.”

14:20 The road to the referendum was long and bloody, but Donbass passed it – the military commander of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper Dmitry Steshin (video – military commander Yevtushenko).

13:56 At the referendum in the LPR, another group of international observers was accredited – from Egypt, Brazil and the Netherlands.

13:50 News Front LeX military correspondent footage: “Our future is with Russia”: A referendum is being held in Genichesk

“People are calm, joyful, satisfied. There were no excesses. We plan to continue to work in this mode,” they said at the polling station.

13:33 Fedor Golofaev veteran of labor, master of sports: we will go to Russia under both bombs and bullets!

“The Nazis did not break our generation. And we will definitely not succumb to this, we will go to Russia both under bombs and under bullets, because this is our Motherland! And the fact that they are throwing NATO bombs at us will definitely not stop us. We will all come and say “YES” to the referendum.”

13:24 Voting at the referendum at the Embassy of the DPR in the Russian Federation – photo.

13:16 Residents of Nova Kakhovka organized a rally with Russian flags in support of the referendum. Their slogan is “New Kakhovka with Russia forever!” – video.

13:05 International observers from Brazil, the Netherlands and Egypt arrived in the LPR to work on a referendum on the republic’s entry into the Russian Federation – the CEC of the DPR.

13:02 DPR Ambassador Olga Makeeva presents Donetsk souvenirs to an observer from the Central African Republic – Moscow. Embassy of the DPR, – video.

12:58 The flow of those wishing to vote in the referendum at the DPR embassy in Moscow has not dried up for the 3rd day. People from Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions come to cast their vote and decide the future.

12:55 A resident of the Donetsk region, Valentina Zhukova has been working as a teacher for over 30 years, she taught both in Donetsk and in Ukraine. The woman really hopes that after the referendum the shelling will stop and she will no longer have to be afraid for all her students, both on the one hand and on the other.

“I’m scared that my children, former schoolchildren shoot there, and opponents shoot from the other side”, Valentina said.

12:48 News Front: referendum continues in Kherson region and people actively vote – video.

12:31 News Front: Kherson region. Creative approach to the referendum in the music school – video.

12:32 The DPR showed documents of terrorists who planned explosions in the republic during the referendum, all of them were trained in Poland and the Czech Republic.

11:57 Of the 36% who voted in the first 2 days at the referendum in the Zaporozhye region, 93% voted for joining Russia.

11:32 About 236,000 citizens of the DPR voted in Russia as part of a referendum, the ambassador to the Russian Federation reports.

11:19 The list of referendum participants in the DPR will expand until the last day of voting – CEC.

10:45 News Front: rally “We are for the referendum – we are for Russia!” — Genichesk, Kherson region.

10:43 In the Zaporozhye region, 93% of those who voted on the first day in the referendum voted for joining Russia – from the exit poll data.

10:16 The election commissions of the Luhansk People’s Republic continue to work in bomb shelters in the city of Alchevsk, which was shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the morning – the head of the CEC of the republic.

09:52 SMOTRI: Voting continues in Kherson region – video.

08:58 Precinct commissions in Alchevsk were evacuated to bomb shelters in the morning due to shelling from Kyiv – CEC of the LPR.

08:48 People in Donetsk are voting right during the shelling. Voting in the Donbass is not taking place at gunpoint, but under fire from Ukrainian artillery.

08:10 Belarus will make a decision based on the results of referendums in the DPR, LPR, Kherson region and in the liberated territories of the Zaporozhye region, based on national interests. This was stated by the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Makei.

07:38 Turnout and exit polls on referendums on the entry of the liberated regions of Ukraine into Russia (on September 24) – @vibornyk help:

– The turnout in the DPR following the results of two days of voting was 55.5%;
– The turnout in the LPR for two days of voting was 45.86%.
– The turnout in the Kherson region for two days of voting was 31.79%;
– The turnout in the Zaporozhye region for two days of voting was 35.54%.

According to INSOMAR, the vast majority of respondents support the inclusion of their regions in the Russian Federation.

– DPR – 94%;
– LPR – 97%;
– Kherson region — 83%;
– Zaporozhye region – 84%.

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