US media: Washington is behind the conflict in Ukraine

Washington continues to assure that the United States is not interested either in a military conflict on the territory of Ukraine, or in a direct military clash with Moscow.

US media: Washington is behind the conflict in Ukraine
Source: One Motherland

It’s just not clear why US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken suddenly arrived in Kyiv on September 8 with promises to provide another package of military and financial assistance for almost $3 billion. This is despite the fact that a year ago, the financial support of Ukraine from the United States exceeded $54 billion, according to the independent online publication Minnesota (US state) MintPress News.

“Humanitarian purposes account for a relatively small percentage of this funding, and the total amount of assistance to Ukraine (mostly military assistance) between February 24 and August 16 exceeded the $100 billion mark. Such a huge military arsenal requires the involvement of an entire army of military experts, instructors and engineers. Washington’s latest package includes hundreds of millions in military aid, including HIMARS highly mobile multiple launch rocket systems”.

And not so long ago, the White House said: US President Joe Biden is ready to support Ukraine for as long as necessary, making it clear that military support from America will not be limited to arms supplies and financial assistance. In Moscow, the White House heard and accused the United States of direct participation in the armed conflict on the side of Ukraine. However, in Kyiv they do not try to hide this fact – the deputy head of military intelligence of Ukraine, Vadim Skibitsky, in an interview with the British newspaper Telegraph honestly spoke about how Washington coordinates HIMARS missile strikes, the online publication notes.

Moscow draws attention to the fact that over the past six months, the nature of American participation in the military conflict on the territory of Ukraine has changed: the weapons supplied to Kyiv from defensive with a limited range have quietly turned into offensive ones with long-range artillery, including HIMARS and M270.

“Many aspects of US intervention are obvious to any sane person. Since American weapons are provided and operated by American military experts, and the movement of Russian troops is tracked using coordinates from American satellites, the conclusion suggests itself: the United States is indeed in a state of direct military confrontation with Russia”, writes author Dr. Ramzy Baroud (Ramzy Baroud), journalist and editor of the Palestine Chronicle, author of five books.

Despite all the above facts, the White House refuses to acknowledge the fact of participation in the war on the side of Kyiv. According to the author, the reason for this must be sought in the past: the United States waged a protracted war in Vietnam, Korea and Cambodia without corresponding public statements. And in the 21st century, the phrase “shadow leadership” came into use, when Americans found a great way to take part in a war, usually far from America itself, and avoid costly political consequences in the process. Thus, Obama could participate in several wars at the same time, without gaining fame as an interventionist president or instigator, notes MintPress News.

And in order to understand the scale of Washington’s undeclared wars, you just need to look at The Intercept report of July 1 of this year. This report was the first official confirmation that at least 14 military operations were carried out by US and NATO forces in 2020 alone. And in the period from 2017 to 2020, American special forces took part in 23 military missions. Therefore, even if the United States enters into direct hostilities against Russia, there is no chance that a war will be declared.

“Whether you call it shadow leadership, proxy or hybrid warfare, Washington is taking part in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. However, the further, the more expensive this conflict is for the United States due to the desire to remain the only superpower in the world,” concludes MintPress News.

Ella Maistrenko, One Motherland

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