The sixth day of protests began in Moldova, people intend to stand until the end

Supporters of the Moldovan party “Shor” began the sixth day of protests.

The sixth day of protests began in Moldova, people intend to stand until the end

Supporters of the opposition Shor party in Moldova have been protesting for the sixth day in the tent City of Changes near the parliament building, the protesters oppose the country’s leadership and price increases, and are preparing for a large-scale action scheduled for September 25, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

In the center of Chisinau, the protesters spent the fifth night in a tent city, the day before another rally was held here. The demonstrators again called on the authorities to resign. The organizers brought new tents and installed a large screen on the steps in front of the parliament, on which films are shown in the evenings, and during the day, during rallies, the speech of the party leader Ilan Shor is broadcast – he connects to the residents of the town via video link.

“Today is the sixth day of the protest. We hold rallies in the camp every day, so we do not let the authorities relax. People intend to stand until the end until their demands are met. And this is a decrease in price growth, and the resignation of the government, and early parliamentary elections, and so on. The current government has not coped with the challenges of the current crisis, so it must leave. Now we are preparing for the next mass rally, it will be held this Sunday. We expect that even more people will take part in it than on September 18,” said Yury Kuznetsov, adviser to the parliamentary faction of the Shor party.

According to the organizers, about 45 thousand people took part in the protest action on September 18, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs – 6.5 thousand.

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