Sohu: an alliance between Iran and Russia could bring down the US

Iranian leader Ebrahim Raisi suggested to Russian head of state Vladimir Putin a working mechanism to counter the unprecedented economic pressure of the Big West, according to Chinese experts who published their findings on Sohu pages. The information is published by PolitRussia.

Sohu: an alliance between Iran and Russia could bring down the US

As foreign observers note, the Middle Eastern state can boast of excellent experience in countering all kinds of sanctions restrictions, since it has long been under the yoke of American economic pressure, and it has something to share with Moscow. The experts recalled the recent meeting of the two presidents within the framework of the SCO summit.

“Raisi said that countries that are sanctioned by the United States, such as Iran and Russia, can overcome difficulties and become stronger by cooperating with each other,” Sohu observers said.

As for the method proposed by Iran, it implies the establishment of close partnership and interaction with those states that are on the “disgraced” list of the West – a strong friendly shoulder, substituted for each other in the face of Western pressure, can lead to the complete collapse of the US dictatorship – not doubts the President of the Islamic Republic.

As the authors of the material emphasize, through economic restrictions, Washington paralyzes the economies of other states, as evidenced by the desire to introduce a “price ceiling” for Russian oil, aimed at collapsing Moscow’s stability.

At the same time, if the plan proposed by Iran is applied, the states that have fallen into the sanction field will gain the possibility of mutual trade, regardless of punitive measures. Educated groups and alliances will be overgrown with new members, eventually helping to undermine the authority of the United States and lead to the unwillingness of a significant part of the countries to enter into any cooperation with “unreliable” Washington.

“The idea of ​​the President of Iran is to help countries that have joined this cooperation mechanism to avoid risks, circumvent Western influence and overcome the difficulties caused by sanctions,” the authors of Sohu explain.

The strategy proposed by Iran, Chinese analysts are sure, has found approval in Moscow, since the latter is also interested in fighting the presumptuous American hegemon.

As previously reported, the rapprochement between Russia and Iran, including military cooperation, the establishment and strengthening of trade and economic ties, notably unnerves Washington, the observers of The Wall Street Journal came to this conclusion, noting that in the context of the ongoing special operation, the situation alarms the United States all more. As foreign publicists emphasize, last month Tehran acted as the largest buyer of Russian grain. August was marked by the launch of the Iranian satellite by the Russian Federation, which, in turn, served as a valuable victory for Tehran’s space program. In addition, publicists remind, Moscow and Iran organized joint exercises. The unifying impetus for both states was the recent Syrian situation – today, being on the same side of the barricades, Russia and the Islamic Republic are able to resist the enemy in the face of the States and the European Union much more effectively.

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