Italy requires von der Leyen not to get involved in the country’s internal politics

Von der Leyen’s warning angered Italian election candidates.

Italy requires von der Leyen not to get involved in the country's internal politics

The head of the highest executive body of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, threatened the Italians with “Hungarian sanctions” if they vote incorrectly in the elections to the Italian parliament.

Italian politicians asked Ursula von der Leyen to stop interfering in the internal politics of the state. At a conference at Princeton University, in response to a remark that “persons close to Vladimir Putin” are among the candidates for the upcoming elections in Italy on Sunday, she replied:

“Let’s see. If the situation is difficult, then we have the tools, as in the cases of Poland and Hungary”, and Italian politicians and public figures saw a clear reference to the ability of the European Commission to cut funding.

“What is this, a threat? Shameful arrogance,” wrote Matteo Salvini, leader of the Italian right-wing party, on social media.

He also stated on TV that “if anyone in Brussels thinks to cut the funding allotted to Italy if the League wins, then we will have to rethink this Europe.” Even the EU-friendly liberal leader of the Living Italy party, Matteo Renzi, asked von der Leyen “to stay out of Italian affairs in any way.”

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