Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (September 23, updated)

Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (September 23, updated)

17:43 Video of work on equipping propaganda shells by the fighters of the “V” group.

17:42 Peskov called false reports of plans to call up 1.2 million Russians as part of partial mobilization – TASS

16:38 Air defense works in Nova Kakhovka, at least 10 explosions sounded

16:00 Consequences of the shelling of the city of Valuyki, Belgorod region, by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Due to a shell hit, there is destruction of households. There are no victims or injured. The head of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin instructed to open a criminal case.

15:59 The power supply of the sixth power unit of the ZNPP is carried out according to the backup scheme due to the damaged power line, the adviser to the head of the Rosenergoatom concern said.

It is noted that the transition of the Zaporozhye NPP to Russian standards will take at least three years.

Zaporizhzhya NPP requires modernization, but it will begin only after the completion of the formalities for the transition under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, the adviser to the head of Rosenergoatom said.

14:38 As a result of the Ukrainian terrorist attack in Melitopol, 2 people were killed

14:03 Ukrainian saboteurs broke through in the Polog area in the Zaporozhye region in two cars, they are being searched for, the head of the Balitsky region said.

14:01 There will be no draft into the army and mobilization during the transitional period in the Zaporozhye region, the head of the region said

13:55 Our source in the OP said that the General Staff, together with the Pentagon, developed a strategy for a counteroffensive on Melitopol / Energodar in order to recapture the ZNPP from Russia. Now they are waiting for fog to land troops across the Dnieper, using forests and floodplains in the Zaporozhye region.

13:43 The main thing from the new briefing of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:

▪️More than 220 Ukrainian soldiers were destroyed by Russian Aerospace Forces strikes in the Kramatorsk region;

▪️Russian pilots shot down a Ukrainian MiG-29 in the Mykolaiv region and two Su-25s in the Kherson region and the DPR;

▪️More than 100 foreign mercenaries were destroyed in the area of ​​Slavyansk and Ozerny in the DPR;

▪️Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed almost 200 militants of the Ukrainian units “Seagull”, “Skif”, “Dnepr” and “Gepard” in the Zaporozhye region;

▪️Russian air defense shot down 19 UAVs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and also intercepted 42 HIMARS and Alder MLRS shells.

13:00 Briefly on the Belgorod Front. The enemy continues to periodically shell both the border itself and the border villages. DRGs of the enemy roam almost the entire line, trying to find loopholes and enter the Belgorod region.

12:51 Germany handed over to Ukraine 6 more Gepard SPAAGs and 6,000 ammunition for them. This is reported in the report of the Ministry of Defense of Germany.

10:56 The first four deputies of the State Duma asked to be sent to the special operation zone to help Donbass. Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party Andrei Turchak said that Vitaly Milonov, Dmitry Sablin, Dmitry Khubezov and Sergei Sokol wrote statements asking them to be sent to serve in the special operation zone.

10:56 The Russian Ministry of Defense showed how the Airborne Forces repulsed the attack of 25 Ukrainian armored vehicles

09:31 Crews of Ka-52 attack helicopters continue to destroy the Nazis in the special operation zone.

Alligator pilots launched missiles at fortified points of Ukrainian militants. The command post, tanks and other armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed.

08:56 Details of the morning explosion. Today, at about 7.00 near a residential private house in the central part of Melitopol, an explosive device went off, which was thrown out of a car. There were no injuries, the fence was damaged and the windows in the house were broken. Residents of the area managed to see and remember the car. Orientation to the suspected car is sent to all law enforcement agencies. A search is underway for those involved in the terrorist act, reports Vladimir Rogov.

07:12 It’s loud in Melitopol. A single explosion sounded in the central part of the city. The information is being specified, according to Vladimir Rogov.

06:30 Footage of the combat work of specialists from the communications troops of the Western Military District during a special military operation. From the very beginning of the special operation, military signalmen provide the command of units with all types of communications around the clock and in any weather: secure satellite, radio relay, mobile and radio communications, thereby maintaining the continuity and efficiency of command and control at a high level.

“Communication should always be stable and timely. If there will be no communication – there will be no decisions made, no orders will be executed. The movement of control points at night and daytime is always accompanied by the movement of communications. Wherever the control point went, a communication line should be extended in a timely manner. From my combat experience, I can say that the timeliness, secrecy and decisiveness of all signalmen who perform tasks during a special military operation saved a lot of lives… ”, said Yegor, commander of the communications battalion of the Western Military District.

Video of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

01:00 Strikes were made on targets in Nikolaev.

0:04 In Zaporozhye, a series of explosions hit military and dual-use facilities. There were at least 10 missile hits.

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