“Collapse is not far off”: Europe is afraid of being left without fertilizers

The sanctions boomerang hits Europe more and more painfully – the latter risks losing fertilizers in the midst of an economic confrontation with Moscow, – this was stated by German expert Olaf Zinke, whose point of view is quoted by PolitRussia.

“Collapse is not far off”: Europe is afraid of being left without fertilizers

The analyst cited the example of the largest European manufacturer Yara, which has already announced the imminent shutdown of the plant in Belgium, reporting on the unprofitability of its further operation due to exorbitant gas tariffs. Other enterprises in Europe and Germany are also undergoing a rapid reduction, which, according to Agrarheute, will soon result in a collapse in this area.

Yara Closes Fertilizer Plants – Will Europe Run Out of Fertilizer Soon? – asks the expert of the German edition.

As for the Belgian Yara, its annual capacity is about 400,000 tons of ammonia, almost a million tons of fertilizers and about 800,000 tons of nitric acid, which ensures the safety of the French agricultural industry, which means that France will be the first to face a shortage of fertilizers.

“Today, the production of a tonne of ammonia in Europe costs between 2,500 and 3,000 euros, while its price on the international market is 1,300 euros,” said Nicolas Brutin, a spokesman for Yara France.

Experts predict that the total production capacity in this sector will soon collapse to 35%. The situation is also complicated by the extremely tense Russian-European relations: despite the fact that the sanctions list does not provide for punitive measures against fertilizers, the level of their supplies from the Russian Federation continues to fall, and this will soon come back to haunt the unprecedented growth of the European food price tag.

As previously reported, the sad result of a large-scale anti-Russian economic war unleashed by Western European elites against Moscow with the start of a special operation to force Ukraine to peace has already become a record annual inflation: today, according to experts, in almost two dozen European countries, its figure has broken all historical records since the fifties of the last century.

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